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Sports Thoughts From a Local

Well Sports Fans, this has certainly been an interesting year in sports so far. At all levels, from high school to the pros. Let’s start things off with Wrestlemania 32. There were some interesting matches, and not so great ones. You had surprises like, when Zack Ryder won the Intercontinental Championship in the ladder match. Or, how John Cena made an appearance, briefly, while recovering from injury, to back up The Rock against the Wyatts. We saw the beginning of the end of the League of Nations after their victory over The New Day, they started crowing, and three legends return to put The League in their place. The Undertaker got back into the win column with a victory over Shane O’ Mac in a Hell in a Cell match that was supposed to be the end of Shane, but wasn’t. And, you had Roman Reigns play The Game and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H.

All of that would get the ball rolling to the start of the brand split in WWE, which isn’t a bad thing, considering the roster was getting too big, and having new talent coming up to the main roster from NXT. Mick Foley, and Daniel Bryan returned to run both Raw and Smackdown respectfully, with Smackdown going live, and having new championships created. Such as the Smackdown Women’s and Tag Team Championships. Raw also created a new championship, in the Universal Championship, while reviving the Cruiserweight championship.

There are some pretty huge matches in the wings coming up from WWE in the next couple of PPVs.. At the Hell in a Cell event, for the first time ever in history, Sasha Banks will defend her Women’s Championship against Charlotte in no ordinary match, but INSIDE Hell in a Cell! The same kind of match that broke Mick Foley years ago.

And, if that wasn’t big enough, this year’s Survivor Series sounds like it will be amazing. First off, you have three HUGE traditional Survivor Series matches in which you have Smackdown’s five best male performers going againt Raw’s top five, Smackdown’s top five women taking on Raw’s top five women, and and epic ten man Survivor Series tag team match, which will pit Smackdown’s best five tag teams against Raw’s top five tag teams. To top off Survivor Series, there is a rematch between the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar and the greatest WCW champion of all time: Goldberg!

That’s just WWE news, and I know I didn’t mention every single little thing that happened, but, its a start. And other big wrestling news, TNA looks like they are in a bit of a bind, and going the way of WCW in which there has been reports of WWE buying their library, and saving the company, along with Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan. Be interesting to see how all this ends up.

Switching gears, baseball had a wild year for one team in particular. Who would’ve thunk that the Chicago Cubs of all teams would be having the season that they had. 103 wins, and playing in the World Series! The World Series! The Cubs! I can’t believe that I keep saying it. At the time of this writing, the Series is tied at a game a piece with The Cleveland Indians. Both teams that have had a championship drought, 176 years combined. This is a season to remember that is for sure, and while both teams are hungry for it, the question is which team is more hungry.

Speaking of Cleveland, basketball season kicked off with the Cavaliers raising their championship banner and “King” LeBron James and the team got their HUGE rings. Have you seen those things? They are massive! Be interesting to see how the season shapes up.

The NFL is in mid-stride with some good teams doing really well, other teams not so much. The Bears are struggling to gain any ground, while the Vikings are on top of the division. There was even some drama going on in the NFL as Tom Brady was suspended for four games for his role in Deflategate. He tried to whine and cry about it, and get it reversed, but, a judge upheld it. Despite all of that, The Patriots are doing well.

In the realm of high school sports, football is wrapping up as sectionals are underway. Only three local teams are left in the area, Rensselaer Central, Kankakee Valley and surprising, North Newton. North Newton is the best out of the three, having only 2 losses. I don’t think the Spartans of North Newton will have a state championship, but, I do see them at least winning the Sectional Championship, and playing for a Regional one.

As for college football.. . Purdue isn’t doing so hot, and looks like their coach might be on the way out. Closer to home, The Pumas, while not having a great year, they aren’t having a bad one either. There is no championship to be played for in the Pumas future, at least, not in football. Basketball, is another story, and that season will be starting soon. Even in high school.

Its exciting being a sports fan. No matter the sport, no matter the level. There will always one team that is having a Cinderella year in their sport, and its hard not to root for the underdog. But, one should anyways. You’ll never know what can happen. Til next time!

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