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Kevin Wilson Out At Indiana

August Update Background

Thursday, Kevin Wilson was let go as Indiana’s head football coach, with DC Tom Allen named his replacement. Mark Schlabach said that at least 6 IU players were interviewed about how Wilson treated players. Word going around on Twitter was that Wilson pressured guys to play injured. Wilson is “resigning” with a severance payment of $540,000, one year’s salary, a fifth of his buyout, so it’s sounding like those reports are true. I don’t know all the details of Wilson’s contract, but what this sounds like is IU was going to fire him with cause and Wilson was offered a year’s salary to resign and not contest it. IU AD Fred Glass said there was no one thing that led to the move, but you don’t just take 20% of your buyout to go away for no reason.


The one time I met Kevin Wilson, he seemed like a good guy – very friendly. That said, I knew a former Indiana player who said Wilson had a habit of degrading his players. That player’s brother committed to IU and the player steered him away from signing. After the brother decommitted, Wilson’s treatment of the player got even worse and the player ended up leaving the team after the season. I took that with a grain of salt at first, but that’s pretty much in line with the rest of the stories coming out today.

If anything else comes out, I’ll update this post.

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