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Michigan State 14, Michigan 10

Michigan’s offense has been uninspiring all season and it finally caught up to them against Michigan State Saturday in a rainstorm. The team moved the ball well on the ground at times, but once the rains came, Michigan State started stacking the box more and were able to slow the run and passing wasn’t much better, with O’Korn tossing three picks, and what a disaster this game was. The playcalling was bad, to be sure. Harbaugh himself said one could criticize it. But the really frustrating part of all of this is that I have no answers. Most of the time, I can look at a football game and be like “Team A needs to x,y,z and they’ll win.” I have none of that for Michigan beyond “wait for guys to develop.” That, and fire Tim Drevno. I honestly have no idea what he brings to this. He’s not developing offensive linemen, he’s not recruiting great offensive linemen, he’s not a great asset calling plays. What’s the point of him?

On the other side of the ball, the unit, as well as Don Brown, was excellent and should be commended. Business as usual.

There will probably not be player grades for this, at least right now. I have one fewer day to do the Bears film post this week and between that and hockey being back, grading out a game of sludgefart played in a monsoon does not seem like a worthwhile use of my time right now.


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