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Michigan Team 137 Preview: Fullback

Back from last year (Kliknij do aby wiekszy)


Projected starter: Henry Poggi

Could make an impact: Bobby Henderson, Wyatt Shallman, Khalid Hill, Kingston Davis?

Watch out for next year: Everyone but Henderson and maybe Davis

Michigan lost both Joe Kerridge and Sione Houma to graduation and will be looking for someone to fill their shoes. The mostly likely candidate to me is redshirt junior Henry Poggi. Poggi came to Ann Arbor as a defensive lineman before transitioning to a FB/TE role last year. He was mostly fine at it.

Redshirt senior Bobby Henderson saw very limited action a year ago. After waiting his turn for a few years, the walk-on could see a decent amount of action this year, depending on what Harbaugh does with Khalid Hill and how redshirt junior Wyatt Shallman does. Shallman played in only one game last year, the routing of the self-proclaimed and very much delusional “crown jewel of conference expansion” Rutgers. His ability as a blocker remains to be seen. The ceiling for his 2016 is probably a lesser version of Sione Houma’s role from a year ago.

Khalid Hill was discussed in the Tight End section. He could line up a bit in the backfield, too.

Kingston Davis was discussed in the Running Back section due to the possibility of him ending up as a B.J. Askew-type.

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