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Ohio and the refs 30, Michigan 27 (2OT)


Box Score

Grading Primer

The recap portion of this blog will be guest written by Shaquille O’Neal.

Well said, Shaq.

Was it really that bad? Yeah, it was. Amara Darboh got tackled on a route. No call. Ryan Glasgow got a hand in his face. No call. Grant Perry didn’t get a PI call in double overtime on a more egregious version of what Delano Hill got flagged for at the end of regulation. Mike Weber took a cheap shot at Brandon Watson at the end of Peppers’ interception. No call. Taco was held time and time and time and time and time and time again. No call. And, of course, J.T. Barrett was short.

Player Grades




This wasn’t a championship-caliber offense. That’s a shame, because this was the best defense in the country. They did not hit “’85 Bears of college” levels, but they were outstanding nonetheless. But the offense still hasn’t gotten all the Brady Hoke out yet. That was the difference between 12-0 and 10-2. Going undefeated is no cake walk. Every team is going to have a less-than-outstanding game or two. The truly great teams find ways to win anyway. Jim Harbaugh has done a great job thus far and there’s every reason to believe that once he gets his guys in, they’re going to find ways to win those games. He did a great job with what he inherited, but let’s take a close look at that offensive unit. Jake Butt has star potential at the next level. Mason Cole does, too, when his time comes to go pro, though he’s less of a certainty and wasn’t as great as we’d hoped at center this year. Erik Magnuson, Amara Darboh, and Jehu Chesson should all get drafted, though I’ll be pretty surprised if any of them turns into much more than “solid player.” Khalid Hill should get drafted next year, but even the best fullback isn’t going to make a not great offense great. Ben Bredeson has a very high ceiling, but he’s a true freshman and looked like it. Chris Evans has a similar ceiling. Harbaugh got just about as much as he could out of just about everyone, but at some point, these guys just are who they are.

Do I think this team would have beaten Alabama? No. But I would have liked the chance. I do think this team has the best chance of anyone of beating Alabama, as this defense is capable of turning the game into a rock fight that Michigan could win 9-6 or something.


Helmet Stickers

Up to 3 may be awarded per player. Not necessarily the highest-graded players since different grades mean different things to different players (refer to the primer).


2: Amara Darboh

1: De’Veon Smith, Khalid Hill, Jake Butt


3: Taco Charlton, Maurice Hurst, Jr., Ben Gedeon, Ryan Glasgow, Chris Wormley

2: Mike McCray, Jabrill Peppers, Delano Hill

1: Bryan Mone, Rashan Gary

Helmet Sticker Count



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