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Should we care about Olympic Basketball

Hurrah, Hurrah!!!!!! Team USA basketball won the gold medal for another year. Woooooooooooooooo!!!!!! This is such a gre….. oh wait, who gives a damn! I’ve honestly had all I can take of this USA basketball coverage. It’s honestly making me want to throw up the way people are acting as if what USA basketball just did was some kind of major accomplishment. Team USA just trashed a Serbian team with only 1 active NBA player and some former NBA players on the roster. Quite frankly, the Sixers and Lakers, the two worst NBA teams in terms of talent and record in their respective conferences, both had comparable rosters in terms of talent a year ago. If our USA team had gotten together to play against the Lakers last season, I highly doubt anyone would care, or be saying great job if they won. Imagine this season, the Golden State Warriors with Curry, Durant, Klay, Green, Igoudala, West, and others going up against some of the worst NBA teams and destroying them. Who among us will consider it a real accomplishment? Well, that’s pretty much the equivalent of Team USA against any of the other teams in the field this year. Imagine last year’s Cleveland Cavaliers playing the Sixers for the NBA title and that’s pretty close to the degree of difficulty Team USA had to face to win this gold medal, yet you want me to throw a damn parade because a group of elite basketball players beat up on inferior competition? Not only that, they actually struggled with some of their opponents. And if all the overblown media coverage and discussions about Olympic basketball wasn’t bad enough, these players’ take on the whole ordeal has been even more nauseating. An all-time great scorer like Melo, brought to tears because he beat a team with Nikola Jokic leading the way quite frankly makes me want to go jump off a cliff. DeAndre Jordan somehow gathered up enough gumption to suggest that winning a Gold Medal was better than winning an NBA title. This entire generation of NBA basketball players, with the exception of a small few, really just disgusts me. What the hell happened to this generation of ball players? Why are they so damn soft, uncompetitive, and willing to team up to win instead of trying to compete against each other? This year’s entire Olympic basketball event has done 1 thing if nothing else and that’s showcase the pathetic state of most of the current NBA athletes. Quite frankly, I’m ashamed.

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