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10 of the Biggest Locker Room Distractions and Drama Queens in NFL History | The Countdown


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What’s up guys? I’m DeQwan Young and this is the Countdown.

Now we’ve had a lot of off field distractions happen this season. From the Antonio Brown debacle in Oakland and New England, to Jalen Ramsey asking for a trade, to Adam Theilen indirectly calling Kirk Cousins trash. These are the storylines that keep the NFL interesting off the field. Distractions in the locker room can come from terrible play on the field, or having to deal with a star player with a big ego. These are the things that often keep teams from gelling and winning a super bowl. So today we ask, what 10 players in the NFL were the biggest distractions?

Brett Favre Retired. Unretired. Retired. Unretired. Retired. Unretired.

This was the coverage of Brett Favre for multiple seasons in the early to mid 2000s.  After he retired in 2008, he backtracked and ask Mike McCarthy that he wanted to come back, and McCarthy said it was “Out of the question” As the team was ready to move on to Aaron Rodgers. Favre would retire and unretire again for the Jets and Vikings.

  1. Ndamokung Suh

Ndamokung Suh’s time in the motor city was good in between the whistles and sometimes it was his play between those whistles that made him a huge off field distraction.  In the 2011 season, he stomped on Green Bay Packers player Evan Dietrich Smith.  He received a two game suspension.

A season later he was fine 30,000 dollars for a kick to the groin on Matt Schaub which he claims was unintentional.

Having to deal with press conferences and other things surrounding Suh when he SUHplexed someone was a major distraction, and this is the reason the Lions never won a superbowl.

Watch the video for the rest of the list!

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