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10 Most HEARTBREAKING Late Game Losses

Heartbreaking Losses
The Clutch Gene. Some people have it, some people don’t. The players on this list came through for their teams at a crucial point in the game, before it all came crashing down, in heartbreaking fashion. I’m DJ and this is the Countdown Today, we bring to you: 10 of the Most Heartbreaking Late Game Losses 10. The River City Relay With an outside shot at the playoffs, the New Orleans Saints entered their week 16 matchup needing to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars. With just seconds remaining, They needed a miracle. A routine extra point from John Carney would send this game to overtime 
  1. Russell Wilson
The Seattle Seahawks met Matt Ryan and the NFC’s top-seeded Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Divisional Round. Matty Ice was calm cool and collected, as he paced the Falcons to a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter.  Then the young gun took over.  Wilson played  spectacular, as he went 24 for 36 with 2 touchdowns. But after two deep strikes from Matt Ryan, it would all come down to the leg of Matt Bryant  
  1. Brees Outgunned by Smith
  The 2011 NFC Divisional. One of the most thrilling playoff games in NFL history.  Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints vs. the Alex Smith-led San Francisco 49ers.  In the fourth quarter, New Orleans erased a 17-point deficit.  The Super Bowl 44 MVP came through when it mattered most in this game…but Alex Smith wouldn’t be denied  
  1. Two Hail Mary’s Fall Short
  The Green Bay Packers squared off against the Arizona Cardinals in the 2015 NFC Divisional Round.  Aaron Rodgers and the Pack were at their mercy late in the game. Backed way up at their own goal line with a minute left.   But this is Aaron Rodgers… Carson Palmer would answer…and it would be Larry Fitzgerald who put the nail in the coffin.  
  1. Vanderjagged
  It looked like 2005 would finally be the year Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts broke through. They were the top team in the AFC and just needed two home wins to reach the Super Bowl.  They hosted the sixth-seeded Pittsburgh Steelers in the Divisional Round.  Leading the Colts by 3 points, in the final minutes This Jerome Bettis touchdown would seal it. Ben Roethlisberger’s effort wouldn’t go without reward.  As Mike Vanderjagt set up for this game-tying 46 yard field goal. Wide right. The Steelers would go on to win 21-18.    
  1. 28-3
  Most coaches would call that a comfortable lead.  The Atlanta Falcons soared out the gates in Super Bowl 50   But the lead would dissipate…   All the Falcons would need, is a first down. Tom Brady and the Patriots would complete a miraculous comeback victory, as the Patriots would defeat the Falcons, in dramatic fashion.  
  1. Saints Witness Minneapolis Miracle
  January 14th 2018.  The NFC Divisional Round.   Saints.   Vikings.   With 10 Seconds Remaining, the Minnesota Vikings were on their own 39 yard line. Case Keenum took a shotgun snap into a deep drop, stepped into a throw…The Vikings would win 29 to 24  
  1. Cardinals Taste Steel
  Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald.  This dynamic duo led the Arizona Cardinals to their first-ever Super Bowl appearance.  Arizona trailed 20 to 7 mid-way through the fourth quarter. Then, Larry Fitzgerald turned up   Ben Rothelisberger would then embark on the greatest drive in Super Bowl History.  He capped it off with one of the greatest throws in Super Bowl History.  
  1. Almost Perfect
  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were headed for perfection.  The first team in NFL history to go 19 and 0.  Record after record after record would fall.  The only thing standing in the way… the New York Football Giants Late in the fourth quarter The Patriots trailed the Giants 10 to 7…but Tom Brady and Randy Moss had one more big play in them: What we would witness next, was nothing short of amazing.  David Tyree’s catch will forever be etched in history, as the Giants stood triumphant over the Patriots. Handing them their only loss of the season.  
  1. Seahawks Throw the Game
  The Seattle Seahawks saw a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 49 evaporate. Tom Brady and the Patriots posted consecutive touchdown drives, putting the pressure on Russell Wilson.   With the names of Tyree and Manningham burned deep into their minds, the Patriots defense needed that one big stop.

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