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@AdamSchefter Stole My Story and Buried My Career as a Journalist.

My name is DeQwan Young and I am the founder of Good If It Goes. I created this website due to the lack in parity of mid-level sports blog sites. Yes, you know about Deadspin and Barstool Sports, even BSO or as I like to call it “Bullshit Online”. My reasoning for starting this website is a lot different than most other websites. While some claim they want to focus on the black side of sports, or look at the lighter side of sports, I can say I just love sports. I wanted to have an outlet where I could discuss minor league sports, or point out something funny or ironic from a fans perspective; but the good folks over at ESPN (Adam Schefter in particular), stole my story and buried my career as a journalist.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I present Exhibit A:

Here we have me breaking my Tim Tebow story. Let me give you a little bit of background on who I am… I am nobody. I play minor league indoor football, I know very few people in the NFL, and I don’t have too many connections. I received this tip on March 16th and proceeded to “break” the story. It generated very little interest on my timeline, aside from a few followers. I had a few people questioning who I was and if the story had validity; which is something that should occur when a no-name random person breaks a story on Twitter. I do not have a massive following, I did not work for any major news network, and at the time I had no way to post the story to as I was on the road. So I broke the news the only way I knew how, through tweets.

Therefore, I present to you Exhibit B:

I did the most logical thing that I could think of at the moment. I sent the tweet to the great Adam Schefter. I used to admire the work that Adam Schefter did at ESPN, until I realized he had no journalistic integrity and used his position at ESPN to crush the dreams of people looking to do something with their lives. I sent this bit of information to validate the claim I made at 2:11 pm on March 16, 2015. What ensued next was a travesty of all travesties and was pretty much the beginning of the end for journalistic career that hadn’t even begun.

I present Exhibit C:

“Well how about this:” This hack job just tweeted this like he stumbled upon the story by mistake. As you can see below I was pissed to the highest level of pisstivity. So much so, that my grammar went out the window, and our main contributor to the SITE, got a tweet directed his way. This is why ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports, because they employ thieves and no talent hacks who can’t do their own jobs at reporting (I’M LOOKING AT YOU CHRIS BROUSSARD). That “sources” shit that you see in tweets and other sports stories from ESPN personalites, are blatant cover-ups for their inability to get a scoop on their own, report it in a timely fashion, and be credible. This summer, we watched Broussard inaccurately report a story that had Mark Cuban driving around, crying on the telephone looking for Deandre Jordan’s telephone number. This company employs so many nincompoops, that they’ve become an unfunny parody of themselves. Everything I loved about ESPN in the 90’s is gone (R.I.P. Stuart Scott). Everything this company stands for is 100 percent fraudulent, from shock analyst Skip Bayless (who hasn’t had a viable opinion since EVER), to the horrid show that is Sportsnation.

What occurred above is disheartening to a journalist like myself, who is trying to do something different. There were people telling me that “Schefter doesn’t have to give you credit” or “You’re a nobody”, NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK! I am a nobody, but this could’ve been something that changed my life, or given me a leg up on something I enjoy doing. The gift and the curse of social media these days stem from originality. Everyday I wake up and see duplicate parody accounts, I see unoriginal posts from people who’ve slapped so many filters on meme’s you can’t make out what’s going on in the original, and misinformation. I see these things from people who have no formal training and haven’t been employed in the sports world as long as Schefter has. It would have cost you nothing to CITE (see I can get it right) me as a source for a story that I hand delivered to you on a silver platter. If your professors at the University of Michigan or Northwestern were informed of this, they would be ashamed to mention they taught you. Tim Tebow is long gone from Philadelphia, and this story no longer has an impact. As for me, I have no motivation to write stories anymore, my website could have a much bigger buzz, and I could be on my way to doing something I love. It hasn’t achieved any of those things because you decided to be a selfish prick and convince the world that you are the omniscient, great and powerful Adam Schefter.

What’s even funnier is the “block” button to my personal account, which in this day and age is an admission of guilt in the court of public opinion. So Adam (IF THAT’S EVEN YOUR REAL NAME), if you are reading this, I want an apology. I don’t care if it’s public, private, by plane, train, or automobile. You’re going to apologize because you aren’t the piece of shit that this story paints of you. You will apologize because if you don’t, I will find you, and I will…

Morel, P. (Director). (2008). Taken [Motion picture]. USA: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Morel, P. (Director). (2008). Taken [Motion picture]. USA: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


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