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Cowboys The Perfect Fit For Kaepernick


During the 2017 NFL offseason former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has sparked a lot of debate and has been a hot button issue. However, this blog has nothing to do with the controversy surrounding Kaepernick. Instead I would like to focus strictly on the football aspect of Kaep. With that said there are a lot of teams that should probably be considering signing Colin Kaepernick but as a Dallas Cowboys fan I am here to discuss why it makes sense for him to be signed by the Cowboys. Two words epitomize why the Cowboys should be considering signing him, those words are Kellen Moore. Moore is the current projected backup QB for Dallas and it has been tough to watch him play during this preseason. Hell it has been tough to watch him throughout his entire career. So far this preseason Moore has completed 54.5% of his passes and has a passer rating of 75 and Luke McCown, who is the other Cowboys backup, has not been much better completing just 46% of his passes with a 53 passer rating. Cooper Rush, who was an undrafted free agent pickup from Central Michigan, has looked better than expected but he is primarily playing against guys who will either be practice squad players or selling insurance by the end of September so the Cowboys simply cannot afford to place much stock in that. So with all of that in mind it is beyond evident that there is no other QB on the Cowboys roster who is even remotely competent enough to keep this team afloat. If something happens to Dak, “knock on wood”, the it would be 2015 all over again where the Cowboys were one of the worst offenses in the NFL when Romo went down during week two. If the Cowboys did need another QB besides Dak to play meaningful snaps in the regular season and or playoffs then based on what the Cowboys have their only hope would be Tony Romo and his bad back coming down from the booth and out of retirement after months off and not practicing. I love Romo and when he was playing he was my favorite NFL QB, but given the fact that this team is in position to get to the Super Bowl I just cannot put all my hopes into that as a logical plan B, although I am good with it being plan C. Given all of these facts I simply do not see how the Cowboys do not reach out and at the very least bring Kaep in for a workout and talk to him. At this point the flag protest is basically irrelevant as many other players have begun to protest the anthem and even white players are putting their arms around said players in a show of support for their teammates. Regardless of whether a team signs Kaep or not this flag business is bound to be talked about all throughout this season. So if the issue is not going to go away regardless then I am calling on Jerry Jones, who has been known to take chances and be unconventional from other owners, to take the plunge and sign Kaep. With our running game and Kaep’s ability to keep the ball out of harms way he would actually be a great fit for our ball control brand of offense. Jerry has sued the NFL, he has stood by players with drug and alcohol abuse problems, and signed players accused of domestic violence. He is a man known to gamble, take risk, and not care what people think. Not only that but he is the owner of the most popular team in sports. Even if fans were really serious about boycotting a team that signed him the Cowboys are the one team that would probably be least effected. They have so many fans nation wide that a few getting turned off would simply be a drop in the bucket. Not only that but the Cowboys love to be the talk of the NFL and get all the headlines and this could be the biggest headline. It really should not be a stretch for Jones to be the one owner that says yes to Kaep. Especially when the alternative is Kellen freaking Moore.

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