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FTP… I Hate the Green Bay Packers


Hi. Your neighborhood Lions fan here with a friendly reminder; FTP

I’m tired of being little brother. The Lions and Packers have met at least twice a season since 1932.  Green Bay leads the series 103-72-7.

Stafford and Rodgers

Out of 182 games, the Lions have won 72. With those 103 victories there isn’t a team in the NFL that the Packers have beaten more than the Detroit Lions.

Green Bay has a 27-10 overall mark against Detroit since 2000

The Packers swept the season series for the 12th times since the year 2000 after beating the lions in 2019.

What Rivalry?

The Packers Lions rivalry is as one-sided as they come. We been getting our asses kicked by Green Bay since the dawn of time. That’s because, Green Bay is a well run organization and the Lions have a team. In 2008, the Packers were the team to seal the deal on the defeated season, giving the Lions their 16th loss on the season. The Lions are also responsible for the career of Matt Flynn. On New Year’s Day 2012, The 15-1 Packers, had their playoff spot wrapped up and decided to sit Aaron Rodgers, soooo they started Matt Flynn.The Matt Flynn Game

His stat line?  480 yards and six scores.  He threw six touchdowns. It’s been called the Matt Flynn Game and it’s the reason he got a 50 million dollar pay day. I just thank God this game isn’t in Lambeau. From 1992 to 2014 the Packers beat the Lions 24 straight times. The two times the Lions faced the Packers in the playoffs, they lost. One of the worst games i ever watched was the playoff game where Barry Sanders was held to minus one yard rushing.

I hate the Packers. But most importantly. I hate that stupid, stupid stupid quarterback.

Fuck Aaron Rodgers.

He can’t even chug a beer. What a wuss.  This man has single-handedly ruined my life on several occasions and I want him out of the division. FOREVER. Now every year, some Lions writer drops a “Are Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers closer than everyone thinks?” article and it’s always as stupid as it looks.

The answer is no you fuck.

Yes Stafford produces but Aaron Rodgers is God mode. Stafford hasn’t been bad against Green Bay tho, in 2019, he passed Johnny Unitas as the quarterback with the most touchdowns against the Packers with 35. All-time, Stafford is 7-12 against the Packers.

Now the comparisons are cool and all, but He just doesn’t win. Matthew Stafford started his career 0-6 against the Packers, but he’s come alive recently and beaten backups when asked.

Aaron Rodgers has started 21 games against Detroit and has helped guide the Packers to a 16-5 record in those contests. Rodgers has thrown 43 TDs compared to just eight INTs against Detroit (104.8 passer rating).  Rodgers has posted a 100-plus point career passer rating against the Lions.

I’m a Lions fan and I’m no dummy, of course the Packers have kicked our ass since the dawn of time and Aaron Rodgers is better than Matthew Stafford, but my Super Bowl, is waiting for the Packers season to end. Though the Lions have are always on the receiving end of this and this year will be no different. It’s an In the Hunt season and the Lions desperately red this win and that’s why they will lose. 31-24.

It’s still FTP

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