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Farewell: Ryan Pace, General Mismanager

The why. [Photo: Getty.]

Monday, the Bears parted ways with general manager Ryan Pace. In seven years with the team, the Bears finished with a winning record just once, made the playoffs just twice, and failed to win a playoff game. While Pace was adept at finding talent late in the draft, his blunders at the top of it and propensity for chasing bad money, draft capital, etc. with good lead us here today. That, and whiffing twice on head coaching hires, the Trubisky thing, being Mike Glennon’s primary benefactor, and so on. While one could argue that he’s not entirely at fault there (ownership had a hand in the Fox hire and it’s easy to see positive coaching traits in Nagy, it’s just that his grasp of offense isn’t as good as he thinks it is), ownership wasn’t willing to make that argument; frankly, it would’ve been a tough sell to the fan base. As for replacements, the only name I’ve seen get more than a passing mention thus far is Jeff Ireland.

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