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Welcome to Chicago: John DeFilippo, QB Coach


Credit: Kirby Lee – USA Today

Three days ago, the Bears hired Bill Lazor as their new offensive coordinator, after which this space believed that the chances of DeFilippo ending up in Chicago were all but zero. But look at us now! DeFilippo was a runner up for the Bears head coach job in 2018 and now we get the best of both worlds. DeFilippo’s got a great track record as a QB coach, and as an OC…well, he was a great QB coach. Here, he gets to focus on the QBs, his bread and butter. His first NFL QB coach job was in Oakland starting in 2007, where he was tasked with developing JaMarcus Russell. After a 2008 season where Russell was almost serviceable, DeFilippo moved on to the Jets, where he would work with a rookie Mark Sanchez. Sanchez looked like the rookie he was in DeFilippo’s lone season in the Big Apple, meanwhile in Oakland, Russell would be playing his final games in the league. DeFilippo would head to San Jose State for two years before coming back to the NFL for a second stint as Raiders QB coach. 2012 saw him get a quality season out of a 33-year-old Carson Palmer. 2013 saw him stuck with Terrelle Pryor and Matts McGloin and Flynn. 2014 saw him get over 3200 yards out of a rookie Derek Carr with a 21:12 TD-INT ratio. From there, DeFilippo headed to Cleveland for a season as the Browns’ OC, where, like his first year in Oakland, he had Josh McCown and a future colossal bust available to him, this time Johnny Eight Ball Football. That went about about as well as most other things the Browns do and head coach Mike Pettine was canned. After that comes the stretch everybody is familiar with – a stint in Philly where he had Carson Wentz looking like the league MVP before an injury ended his season and then getting enough out of Nick Foles to win the Super Bowl anyway. Kirk Cousins played well under DeFilippo’s tutelage. And everybody is familiar with Minshew Mania.

With DeFilippo coming on as QB coach, former QB coach Dave Ragone is being promoted to passing game coordinator.

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