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NFL Picks: 2022-23 Playoffs: Wild Card

Last week: 9-6-1 ATS, 12-4 ML, 1-0 best bets, 1-0 lock of the week
Regular season: 119-146-6 ATS, 170-99-2 ML, 21-32-1 best bets, 8-9 lock of the week

Lines for this week’s NFL games come from FanDuel, and will continue to do so until a sportsbook gives us money to plug them. Lines marked with an asterisk are consensus lines because the game is not on the board at FanDuel at the time of writing. Bold indicates a best bet. Bold and italic indicates the lock of the week.

This week:

I don’t have a best bet for you this week because that Buffalo line is too high to call a best bet. Mike Williams is out because the Chargers’ genius coach decided to play him in a game against Denver that didn’t have any effect on where they would be this week and they didn’t even win that game anyway. As such, I like Jacksonville’s chances. Dallas should beat Tampa, but Mike McCarthy has lost plenty of games he should win and I’m not betting on him over the greatest football player of all time. The 49ers are a legit Super Bowl contender, but I think Seattle can keep it to a touchdown. Minnesota’s had more than their share of luck this year and I don’t foresee a long playoff run, but I don’t think the Giants are the team to knock them out. Baltimore has been able to make it work without Lamar (which is one of the reasons they shouldn’t pay him $Texas), but Cincy’s hitting their stride as they prepare for another deep run.

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