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NFL Roundup: February 10, 2020

XFL, reviewed. The relaunched XFL kicked off this past weekend. The quality of play was…something. That’s not overly surprising given that it’s just the first week, though the first week of the AAF looked better than this did. The teams seemed more evenly matched than did the teams in the AAF, so we should at least see exciting games every week. There was some sloppiness as teams adjusted to the timing rules. The XFL’s kickoff system drew some eyeballs. We’ll see how kickoffs look over time, but just going off this past weekend, it wouldn’t be a surprise to your author to see the NFL adopt the rule in the coming years. While this was just one week, your author’s initial feeling that this league would be a step below the CFL appears accurate. Still better than baseball, though.

Garrett meets with NFL. Browns DE Myles Garrett met with the NFL about reinstatement. Garrett was suspended indefinitely for ripping Steelers QB Mason Rudolph’s helmet off and whacking him upside the head with it on November 14. [ESPN]

Vikings hire Capers. The Vikings have hired Dom Capers as a defensive assistant. There was much rejoicing in the rest of the NFC North. [NFL]

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