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NFL Season Plays

I see (hopefully) a little more parity to this year’s NFL, but all the bottom feeders + the Jets are likely to stay there. I look for bounce back years for Panthers, Bengals, Ravens.
I think the NFC is a two-team race between the Packers and Seahawks, week one opponents. However, I don’t think Atlanta will fall off the face of the earth like the aforementioned Panthers did after their Super Bowl defeat. The Packers are basically a lock to make the divisional playoffs unless Rodgers gets hurt. The Seahawks are still way too strong on defense and have enough weapons on offense to make another title run. The NFC east, I think, is 4 mediocre teams with a bunch of big names.
The AFC, however, I feel finally may be a bit more challenging than past years. New England will be there, but there are finally some teams who I could easily see unsettling their hold. Pittsburgh has the talent on offensive and added a huge part to the defense to maybe, just maybe, stop a receiver. Houston has enough talent all over the field to make a Super Bowl run but they need to find a QB to really have a shot. I look for Cincy to make a push again. They have the pieces, just like Atlanta did last year, to take a step but they just seemingly haven’t for the last few years *cough* coaching *cough*.
Season win totals:
Bears under 5.5: First 9 games are brutal, this team cant even stay healthy through the preseason, and outside of Howard they have no offensive weapons.
Chiefs under 9: I’ve been burned on them the last two years. Even though Alex Smith somehow still wins games, the injury bug and free agency has hit them pretty hard. Add in a tough travel schedule in what already was a strong division and I just don’t see this team winning 10+.
Houston over 8.5
Falcons over 9.5
Minnesota under 8.5
Miami over 7.5
Super Bowl plays: Packers 10/1, Panthers 28/1, Bengals 50/1

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