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Super Bowl LIV Prop Bets

The annual GIIG tradition continues. Odds from Bovada and current as of 6 PM CT Saturday.

Cross Sport Props – Andre Drummond – What will be higher?

Drummond rebounds on 2/2: -105
Mostert Super Bowl rush attempts: -135

The pick: Drummond has played in 46 games this year and grabbed 20 or more boards in 12 of them. Tevin Coleman is available, but I question how heavily he’ll be used. I like Mostert.

Cross Sport Props – Sidney Crosby – What will be higher?

Crosby SOG on 2/2: -140
Mahomes Super Bowl TD passes: EVEN

The pick: Crosby has 3+ shots on goal in just 10 of his 23 games this year. Only half of those were 4+, and just 3 of those 5 were 5+. I like Mahomes chances of getting 3, which would likely at least secure a push. I like Mahomes here.

National Anthem – Will Demi Lovato be wearing a skirt, dress or Gown to sing the US National Anthem?

Yes: -165
No: +125

The pick: Yes. She was wearing a dress at the Grammys. I suspect she will be here, too.

Distance of longest penalty in game?

Over 15.5 yards: -260
Under 15.5 yards: +175

The pick: Over. There’s bound to be a P.I. at some point.

National Anthem – How long will it take Demi Lovato to sing the US National Anthem?

From moment she sings first word until she completes saying Brave for the first time.

Over 1:55: -150
Under 1:55: +110

The pick: Over. She went 2:11 at Mayweather-McGregor.

Note: Bovada also has 2:04 as the over/under on the Super Bowl Party Props Sheet. I like the over on that, too, and that’s going off at +235.

What color will the liquid be that is poured on the game winning Coach?

Purple: -150
Red: +400
Lime/Green/Yellow: +450
Orange: +700
Clear/Water: +900
Blue: +1000

The pick: When the Chiefs beat the Eagles in 2013, the Chiefs players gave Andy Reid a Gatorade shower. It was yellow. Andy Reid seems like the kind of guy who puts real effort into selecting the perfect flavor of Gatorade. (For the record, lemon lime is, in fact, the best flavor.) Anyway, he doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy to deviate. On the other side, Kyle Shanahan has never gotten a real Gatorade shower. After his first win, a couple players tossed cups of what looked like water on him, but that’s it. The X-factor here is the odds on purple. I wish I could find the history of the odds here, because the fact that it’s going off at -150 makes me wonder if there’s some smart money coming in. I don’t know how that could happen, though, unless there’s only one flavor available for the teams or if maybe someone has an in with both teams’ equipment managers, or whoever is in charge of procuring sports drinks. Manipulating this of all things sounds like a lot of work so I’m going to cast my paranoia aside and, at the risk of revealing my pick before I post my prediction, pick lime/green/yellow.

Which commercial will appear first? – Donald Trump or Michael Bloomberg

Trump: -250
Bloomberg: +170

The pick: I know it’s Fox, but Iowa caucuses on Tuesday. Bloomberg.

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