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Domination Zone Wrestling Invades Katy, Texas

Located just west of Houston along Interstate 10 is the quaint, hospitable town of Katy, Texas. Home to one of the nation’s most prestigious high school football programs, it’s every bit the type of “Friday Night Lights” atmosphere you’ve read about time and time again. But football is no longer the only game in town, thanks in no small part to Domination Zone Wrestling, Inc.: an upstart wrestling promotion and training outfit founded earlier this year by owner and former professional wrestler Colony Soto.

With a focus on showcasing local, homegrown talent at live events in and around the Katy area, Soto has already assembled an impressive roster of talented young wrestlers with more than enough entertainment value to delight both avid wrestling fans and casual observers seeking an enjoyable family outing. In addition, Soto, a lifelong Katy resident, is committed to building positive relationships in the local community, with his group having already volunteered at local elementary schools and The City of Katy Firefighters and EMS Association.

DZW held its first live event, Hallowed Ground, in late October. Fans were treated to a five-match card that included a Fatal 4-Way Main Event between its top heavyweight contenders. After a successful debut outing, the company followed up with this past Sunday’s offering, DZW Thunderstruck: the final tune up before their November 13 Heavyweight Championship Tournament that will culminate with the crowning of the first ever DZW Heavyweight Champion.

Below is a recap of Sunday’s festivities.

Domination Zone Wrestling – Thunderstruck

Silky Baines: The Man You Love to Hate

The applause that followed the national anthem had barely died down when the show was hijacked by one of the early favorites in this weekend’s Heavyweight Championship Tournament: Silky Baines. An intimidating presence with a wingspan that would make most NBA players jealous, Baines’ size and skill were on full display at Hallowed Ground, where he won the Fatal 4-Way match to secure the one and only first round bye in the upcoming tournament. Verbally sparring with fans while touting his victory a few weeks earlier over his division rivals, Baines effortlessly solidified his position as one of the company’s top heels. Basking in the chorus of boos that rained down on him, Baines left the ring with a huge smile on his face: perhaps a hint that we hadn’t seen the last of Silky Baines on this night.

“The Texas Torture Machine” DJ King def. Pablo Cruz

The King/Cruz bout proved to be an excellent choice for the first match of the evening. Much like Silky Baines, Cruz clearly relishes the heel persona that he has adopted. From the moment his entrance music hit, Cruz was masterful in turning the crowd against him in favor of King. Cruz also proved that there is a great deal of athleticism in his 250+ lb. frame, most notably when he dropped a running senton on King that nearly won him the match. In the end, it was King’s impressive mix of strength and athleticism that secured him the victory. Although he’s flown a bit under the radar in comparison to some of the other more outspoken and flamboyant heavyweights, don’t be surprised if DJ King makes some serious noise in this weekend’s championship tournament.

Super Duperon def. Voodoo

Simply put, Super Duperon looks, acts, and fights like a seasoned wrestling veteran. His sound technical abilities were on display early and often as he was dominant for much of the match. Voodoo – appearing in only his second live event – was nonetheless impressive in holding his own against a vastly more experienced opponent. The match began with Voodoo seeking advice from a skull that he carries with him to the ring, an eery scene that worked beautifully in establishing his demented character. A back and forth affair early on, Duperon eventually took control and appeared to be closing in on a victory. Then seemingly out of nowhere, Voodoo blasted Duperon in the face with the skull he carried to the ring, stunning the crowd and resulting in a disqualification. A few minor hiccups aside, this was an entertaining match that allowed Duperon to show off his skills while further establishing Voodoo as a mysterious and potentially dangerous competitor.

Paul Titan def. Adorable Anthony Andrews

Few things are more fun to witness than a charismatic wrestler who knows how to work a crowd. When you get two of them in the same match? It’s downright awesome. Such was the case in the Titan/Andrews matchup, a contest of equal parts skill and showmanship. From an early “test of strength” to an impromptu mid-match “pose off”, both men had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands. Andrews’ flamboyance was the perfect compliment to Titan’s ruggedness, and the two worked together brilliantly. At one point, Andrews took a seat in the audience to catch his breath after being worked over by Titan. The crowd loved it, especially the fan seated next to Andrews, who seized the opportunity to snap a selfie. In the end it was Titan who notched the victory, but the real winners in this match were the fans in attendance, who were treated to two entertaining competitors at the top of their games.

Don Rodrigo def. Luther Black

There’s just no other way to say it: these two men stole the show. It all began when the spectacularly overconfident Don Rodrigo interrupted an in-ring promo by up and coming female wrestler Divinity. Claiming to be far more attractive than his female counterpart, Rodrigo unleashed a barrage of insults on Divinity, all the while touting his own beauty. Enter Luther Black: an acrobatic youngster – who just so happens to wear a fireman’s jacket and helmet to the ring – who had heard enough from the belligerent Rodrigo. What followed was a match that quite simply brought the house down. The crowd did all they could to will Black to victory, but Rodrigo held on for the win. Then in a surprise twist, the powers that be granted Black an immediate rematch and the crowd exploded.

Just when it seemed that Black would avenge his defeat after coming to the aid of the damsel in distress, Silky Baines once again made his presence felt. Intent on sending a message that the DZW Heavyweight Championship was his for the taking, Baines delivered an explosive power bomb to Black, disposed of Rodrigo, and left the ring with nothing but carnage in his wake. While Baines had the last laugh, look for big things from both Rodrigo and Black as their match was a thing of beauty.

MAIN EVENT – “Mr. Bigg” Cory Harris def. “His Royal Warrior” Prince Kanu

At the start of the evening, it was announced that Prince Kanu, a brash and arrogant young superstar from “The Kingdom of Nigeria”, had issued a Royal Open Challenge to any wrestler on the DZW roster. As he entered the ring, no one had yet accepted his challenge. After belittling the ring announcer for twice mispronouncing his name, Kanu eventually got his wish as Mr. Bigg Cory Harris emerged from the dressing room. Claiming that Harris was not worthy to fight him, Kanu insisted that Harris put his spot in the Heavyweight Championship Tournament on the line if he wished to fight. Harris reluctantly accepted and the main event was set. This was a heavyweight matchup in every sense of the word, as both men’s power and strength were on display throughout the contest. It looked as though Kanu was primed to steal the victory after he delivered a blow to Harris’ head with a staff that he brought with him to ringside. But Harris kicked out just in time, then proceeded to drop Kanu face first onto the staff and secure the win.

All told, Domination Zone Wrestling’s Thunderstruck was an entertaining event with multiple quality matches that showcased a number of impressive young wrestlers. If their first two shows are any indication, Colony Soto and company are well on their way to establishing a successful promotion that will provide fans in Katy with an entertaining brand of wrestling for many years to come.

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