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Money in the Bank (2014) Review

(Photo Cred WWE)

Uso’s vs Harper and Rowan

Uso’s out first and Harper and Rowan out with new music.

This match has the potential to be the best match on this card. A lot of great back and forth offense by both teams. Jey Uso hits a great spot running off the barricade. Harper hits a great flip from the outside of the ropes. A few more great over the top rope spots by the Uso’s and some suicide dives by Luke Harper. Finishing sequence was great and the Uso’s come out on as the victors in the opening match of the night.

Naomi vs Paige

Thanks to Kevin I have to watch a Diva’s match, but I’ll eat my words cuz in the early going this match is pretty good. Naomi hit a great spot over the top rope. A lot of reversals for both women in a slow paced match. After a few near falls Paige hits a modified DDT and gets the pinfall victory.

Adam Rose vs Paul Revere

OHHHHHHHHHOHHHHHH Adam Rose is out with the Exotic Express after Sandow cuts his normal cheap heat promo in Boston dressed as Paul Revere. Its pretty sad that John Cena ruined Sandow’s career after the first unsuccessful “unannounced” MITB cash-in. Match is boring but the crowd loves Adam Rose’s theme as they keep themselves entertained. Sandow misses with a moonsault and Rose wins after hitting the Party Foul. Exotic Express celebrates and Michael Cole makes a “Last Ride” joke.

Editor’s note: Sandow was dressed as Paul Revere and still didn’t have the worst gimmick in this match.

MITB Contract Match: Swagger, Kofi, Ziggler, Rollins, Ambrose, RVD

Barret is announced as injured (had him picked to win and I’m sure he was going to because Triple H has been spouting his slogan for weeks). Ambrose comes out and instantly attacks Rollins. Kofi starts off on fire and hits a great Boom Drop spot and a Ladder spot. More and more great spots by all the competitors.

Guess what? SPOTS!!!!!!!!

Ambrose mid-match “injures his shoulder” and is escorted to the back by medical personnel. The match continues with a bunch of action and as Seth Rollins ascends the ladder after a barrage of chair shots to Seth Rollins, Kane comes out and chokeslams the Lunatic Fringe and Seth Rollins becomes Mr. Money in the Bank.

Goldust and Stardust vs Rybaxel

STARDUST IS HERE BREH! They gave them about 15 minutes and we got a great tag team match from both teams. “Dust to Dust” comes out victorious.

Rusev vs Big E

RUSEV UDREA, RUSEV MACHKA. After a somewhat long match that was uninteresting Rusev wins with “The Accolade”

Layla vs Summer Rae

I wasn’t interested. Layla won.

Editor’s note: This is quite possibly the greatest review of a match I’ve ever seen. And Qwan wasn’t the only one that didn’t care about this match. Nobody cared. The only time the crowd made any noise was when they were chanting “CM Punk.”

MITB Championship Match: Shaemus, Bray Wyatt, Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, Randy Orton, Cesaro, Roman Reigns, Kane.

Bedlam begins as the match starts. A “We want Cena, Cena Sucks” chant starts to break out which normally happens. In a pretty good match with some great spots, everybody shines. In the end old glory wins his 15th title in his hometown of Boston.

Twitter @Day_Qwan.


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