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WWE Fastlane 2017 Results

Welcome one and all to the final PPV before Wrestlemania! Welcome to Milwaukee, WI and to WWE Fastlane!

As usual, I will list the results and post my thoughts afterward. Now, without further ado, let’s get this started!

Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann vs. The Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar: Winners: Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann

Winners: Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann

Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe:  Samoa Joe def Sami Zayn via Submission

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Enzo and Cass vs Anderson and Gallows:

Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions: Anderson and Gallows!

Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks: Saha Banks def Nia Jax via Pinfall

Jinder Mahal vs Cesaro: Cesaro def Jinder Mahal via Pinfall

Rusev vs Big Show: Big Show def Rusev via Pinfall

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher vs Neville

Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Neville!

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman:  Roman Reigns def Braun Strowman via Pinfall

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair vs Bayley

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Bayley!

WWE Universal Championship: Goldberg vs Kevin Owens

Winner and NEW WWE Universal Champion: Goldberg!

Final thoughts for the night: Well, I would say that what happened tonight was good, even if the Universal Championship match was what I thought would happen but, still good to see Goldberg with the title.  Makes me wonder how the match with Lesnar will go down at Wrestlemania. Sure, there was a match that was tainted (Tag Team Championship match) there at the end but, all in all, every match was awesome. A lot of high flying spots.. and that was from the big monsters! The last stretch to Wrestlemania is going to get rough between now and then and, it will nice to see what will happen.

So, with that being said, the next time I am on will be on April 2nd…. Wrestlemania! See ya soon!



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