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Change 3 Things: Chicago


This tweet came across my timeline the other day:

So I’m going to apply this to Chicago sports. A couple modifications:

  1. We’re only looking at the last 25 years.
  2. We’re taking injuries out of the equation as well, but not signing or drafting a player in favor of signing/drafting one who ended up getting hurt remains fair game.
  3. If you chirp me about omitting Steve Bartman, you’re an idiot. Blame the players for coughing that game up. Or for laying an egg in game 7. But not Bartman.

So here we go…

Honorable Mention

Chris Conte’s blown coverage against the Packers in the 2013 season finale

I don’t know how far that Bears team would have gotten in the playoffs, but in the NFL, you always want that chance.

On to the list…

3. Blackhawks losing game 7 of the 2014 Western Conference Final

I’m not going to say that Hawks team definitely would have beaten the Rangers, especially given how well Henrik Lundqvist ended up playing in the Stanley Cup Final, but I really would have liked their chances. If this game goes their way, I think it’s more probable than not that the Hawks three-peat.

2. The Bears draft Rex Grossman in 2003

This isn’t about getting rid of the Rex Grossman era (although he wasn’t good) as much as it is about where he would have ended up had the Bears not drafted him and who ended up in that place instead. If the Bears don’t pick Grossman at #22, there’s a good chance he’s still there at #29 to get drafted by the Packers, who were looking for the heir apparent to Brett Favre. With Grossman as the heir apparent, the Packers pass on Aaron Rodgers two years later and this rivalry looks a whole lot different.


1. Michael Jordan retires in 1993

If Jordan doesn’t retire, the Bulls eight-peat.

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