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What’s Going On Hocks Prosthesis on Craigslist

You read that right

Mississippi State is in the College World Series and one fan had a rather interesting story behind his trip to Omaha.

He said that with a totally straight face, but I have a hunch that story’s made up. I highly doubt the Internet has made it to Mississippi.

Bada-boom! Realest guys…uh…somewhere else

WWE released Big Cass Tuesday, leaving Carmella as the only one of the popular Enzo-Cass-Carmella act that’s still employed by the company, a fact that’s only shocking if you know nothing about Vince McMahon. Enzo was let go earlier this year after allegations surfaced that Enzo, real (no pun intended) name Eric Arndt and now going by Real1, had committed sexual assault in Phoenix. Police found the allegations to be baseless. After being cleared of any wrongdoing, The Artist Formerly Known as Enzo released a rap video talking about the situation, which was…uh…something. Without Enzo around to do the talking, Cass never quite hit his groove and may have gotten on Vince’s bad side when he went farther with a beatdown of a little person dressed up as Daniel Bryan than Vince wanted. NoDQ talks about some more incidents that may have led to Cass’s release here.


EA picks P.K.

During the NHL awards Wednesday night, EA revealed the cover athlete for NHL 19.

It’s Nashville’s P.K. Subban, so I’m assuming this year’s game will feature buttons for diving, slew footing, and cheap shotting added to the controls. In serious news, it looks like this year’s game will feature the option to play games on outdoor rinks, which looks pretty cool.

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