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What’s Going On Reintroduces Itself

Hello, everyone, it’s been a while. As you likely deduced from the title of this post, we are indeed relaunching this here site. This time, we come to you with something never before seen here – a plan! I will still be doing all the same Bears coverage I was doing for the Bears Barroom, film reviews during the season, hopefully now with video, plus mock drafts, and discussions of any news that pops up during the off-season. In addition, I will be covering the NFL as a whole. We’ll do regular overviews of all the league’s news and talk about any major stories. My personal goal is prime Deadspin meets PFF, but with logic behind the grades.

We’ll also have some humorous stuff for you. PJack will be bringing back his series shaming dumb tweets and the dumb people behind them and we’ll have some satirical posts mocking the worst of sports and sports media.

For all you degenerates out there, Shayne and I will post regular picks.

Will you be bringing back Blackhawks coverage?

Not at this time. They may draw a brief mention during a What’s Going On that touches on a lot of different topics or I may do the occasional Chicago sports What’s Going On. But this time around, I’m aiming to do one thing well instead of dabbling in a bunch of different stuff. Sometime down the line, if this takes off, we may bring some more folks on to cover the major leagues, at which point I’ll focus almost entirely on Chicago sports. But that’s a ways off.

Now hiring!

Want to get in on the ground floor? Contact @YoungQwan on Twitter. He’s the head of this whole thing. If you’re passionate about a particular sport or league and can post regularly, get in touch and join us on our quest to not have to work regular jobs anymore.

Oh, and follow me on Twitter @KSchroeder_312.

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