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What’s Going On Has Clearly Never Seen A Gangster Movie

This space’s official position on politics is that your author stays out of it, unless a story demands a political discussion or I see an opportunity to make a joke. Twitter is another story. That is entirely mine and I promise no particular kind of content there. I talk about what I want and you’re welcome to follow or not. This is a sports website that promises sports content. Now, sports and politics are intertwined and always have been and anyone suggesting that they are or can be entirely separate is delusional. But being that this is a sports blog and not a political one, this space only covers politics as it is relevant to sports.

However, today that policy finds itself at odds with another of this space’s positions, namely the one about calling ill-fitting hat enthusiast Jason Whitlock a moron, which is that we are in favor of it. So that’s what I’m going to do, because his latest piece for Outkick is such an incoherent, nonsensical pile of drivel, even by Whitlock’s already paltry standards, that it demands a thorough clobbering. Being that I will be quoting several passages from this lexical tire fire, I am obligated to link to the original work. So here it is. I am not, however, obligated to advise you to click that link, and, in fact, basic decency obligates me to tell you not to do so.

The Daily Beast contracted free-lance hitman Robert Silverman to prosecute Outkick founder Clay Travis for crimes against the agreed-upon COVID-19 narrative.

Silverman’s piece did leave something to be desired. He focused on Travis’s partnership with Dr. David Chao, who you may know better as ProFootballDoc, based on several legal claims against Chao, some of which Chao has already been exonerated on. Okay, fair point.

Travis is Al Capone, a flamboyant and defiant habitual criminal who brazenly flouts the mainstream media-driven prohibition of liberal dissent. A high-profile target on the media’s Most Wanted list for nearly a decade, Travis is now Public Enemy No. 1, replacing Barstool Sports crime boss Dave Portnoy.

Should’ve quit while you were ahead, Jason. Dave Portnoy just got an interview with Trump in the Rose Garden. Clay Travis is doing business with, well, you.

A wave of infighting, wokeness and rapid expansion have weakened Portnoy’s upper northeast crew. Most media mafia experts believe Barstool capo Dan “Big Cat” Katz will eventually mimic John Gotti’s 1985, unsanctioned hit on Paul Castellano and take out “El Presidente.”

The “infighting” and “wokeness” Whitlock is referencing is Barstool employees’ reactions to videos that surfaced of Portnoy saying he thought Colin Kapernick looks like a terrorist and another of him throwing around the n-word, followed by a podcast featuring the company’s minority employees where they could discuss their feelings on the matter, that was titled an acronym that spelled out the n-word, followed by Portnoy interviewing carrying water on video for Trump without asking for Katz’s input or even informing him that he planned to do so. The former two incidents earned Portnoy criticism in print from PFT Commenter for neglecting to understand or even momentarily consider how his actions reflect on his employees. One of their black talents, Tyler, who hosted a podcast for the company with Coley, a friend of this site, ended up leaving Barstool altogether over the incident. The latter earned Portnoy a ten-minute rebuke on radio from Katz.

So now we need to pause and address this. I’m not going to link to the Trump interview in question because it is not an interview. It is a political ad that Portnoy allowed himself and his company to be used for. Portnoy starts out by saying he’s apolitical, which is a bald-faced lie, given that in the past he’s said he’s a big Trump guy and used to sell MAGA hats on his site. The toughest question Portnoy asks is about athletes kneeling during the anthem. His first attempt at asking the question elicits one of Trump’s trademark rambling word salads where he mentions running for office and being successful as ways for people to show their dissatisfaction with issues in America. Portnoy’s second attempt at asking the question receives a “no, I don’t like the kneeling.” It is the only question Portnoy even attempts to follow up on and it’s abundantly clear why he does it – it’s an attempt to rehab his image after the video about Kaepernick made the digital rounds. It was an ill-fated attempt, though, as it should also be abundantly clear at this point that as it relates to image, associating with Donald Trump is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.

As Katz states in the above video, the timing of the sit down with Portnoy is no coincidence, either. Trump’s poll numbers are tanking and his interview with Chris Wallace for his usual water carriers, Fox News, didn’t do him any favors. At that point, Trump could turn to OANN, though they don’t have a whole lot of reach beyond Mike Gundy. So they turn to Barstool. (Donald Jr.’s a noted fan of the site and of Portnoy.)

Katz never explicitly says he was against Dave doing the sit down because it’s Trump. He notes that he was disappointed with the content of the sit down and that he was never consulted about it given that he was told he was a major part of the Barstool organization. He also said that he and PFT Commenter turned down an opportunity to interview Joe Biden because they don’t want to talk about politics. So to bring this back to Whitlock and Outkick, apparently sticking to sports is bad when that means that you’d rather not be involved with a Trump campaign ad.

The “Southern Syndicate,” as Outkick is affectionately referred to throughout the Southeastern Conference, recently welcomed convicted serial media murderer yours truly, Jason “Big Sexy” Whitlock, into its family.

That is the worst attempt as giving oneself a nickname since George Costanza tried to become T-Bone.

I escaped the media’s death row, surviving a character-assassination attempt while at ESPN…

Boy, that’s sure a funny way of saying “got fired from my own website before it even launched.”

…and shaking off golden handcuffs at FOX Sports.

Boy, that’s sure a funny way of saying “grossly overestimated how much my idiotic ramblings are actually worth.”

Outkick readers have analogized my resurrection and born-again persona to Jamie Foxx’s infamous movie role, “Djason Unchained.”

Then they’re as stupid as you are.

Travis’ COVID trial mirrors the tax-evasion case that upended Capone’s run as the boss of Chicago. Unable or unwilling to prosecute Travis for his true crime — partnering with and empowering an emancipated black man — Silverman and the Daily Beast settled for litigating Corona crimes.

Listen, I’m totally fine with you calling this whatever you want if it means we can throw Clay Travis in Alcatraz.

America’s most powerful anti-black bigots ditched KKK hoods and sheets 50 years ago and replaced them with a political moniker — liberal.

Fifty years ago was right around the time the racists in the south turned to the Republican Party. Duh.

We have been programmed to believe the word liberal is the birth-control pill for racism. It’s not even a condom. In fact, it’s worse than just the tip. Liberal is the Shawn Kemp of bigotry. It allows white guys like Silverman to normalize their promiscuous bastardization of anti-black racism.

That’s a whole lot of words and penis references that all amount to nothing.

I disagree with the mainstream media’s narrative that racism is a tool used most often by white conservatives. Racism is the preferred weapon of white liberals. It explains their guilty conscience and their inclination to advise black people to adopt strategies that ultimately work against our advancement.

If you’re going to make a claim like this, you’d better be able to back it up. Whitlock doesn’t. All he does is throw around the same baseless “the liberals are the real racists” claim that every other conservative hack does.

They celebrate young, easy-to-manipulate athletes as thought leaders and denigrate any accomplished black man or woman who dares to publicly challenge their destructive strategy for black people.

What, precisely, makes Candace Owens more qualified to comment on social issues than LeBron James? And you’re going to criticize liberals for their choices in thought leaders while conservatives hold up various YouTube goofballs like Diamond and Silk and the Hodge Twins?

Defunding the police is going to further destabilize and cannibalize poor inner-city communities.

I bet a dollar Whitlock has no idea what defunding the police actually means, but it sounds scary to white conservatives, so in the column it goes. Whitlock follows that up by insulting LeBron’s intellect and speaking ability. We’re skipping over that because it’s not only baseless, but downright revolting.

As it relates to race, America’s narrative arc is a story of Believers of all races methodically shaping this country into the world’s leader in equal opportunity, justice and freedom. The abolitionists who fought to end slavery were mostly Christians. The men (on both sides) who sacrificed their lives in our Civil War were mostly Christians. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the black church ended Jim Crow.

Slaveholders and Klan members were Christians, too. What’s your point?

Is America perfect? No. Has it improved in each decade since its inception 244 years ago? Yes. Is the secular movement championed by liberals flirting with throwing away that progress? Absolutely.

So now we’ve moved on to lack of religion being the problem. More buzzwords to scare white conservatives and talking points pulled straight from Whitlock’s rear end.

The white bigots wearing liberal hoods want to stop America’s racial progress. They have convinced a large swath of black people that Democratic politics is our salvation far more than our religious faith. Barack Obama has been installed as a false god. LeBron is Obama’s top apostle, registering voters and evangelizing for politics from his social media pulpit.

You don’t even vote, you jabroni.

Silverman is lying. He’s racist. Outkick’s diversity of partners, employees and thought infuriate Silverman and the Daily Beast.

Whitlock apparently thinks Silverman’s only issue with Travis’s partnership with Chao was that Travis didn’t mention Chao’s various lawsuits and claims against him when he announced his hiring, rather than Travis’s citing of Chao, who is an orthopaedist, not an epidemiologist, as the basis for his take on COVID-19. He then used the narrative he himself created as the basis for a claim that Silverman is racist. That is beyond hackish.

The new Outkick is less than two months old and the impact of our work is already being recognized at the highest levels of government and sports.

I was yesterday years old when I learned that there even was a new Outkick. Whitlock then brought up that George Floyd, who was murdered by a former cop, was an ex-con, which…is supposed to make his murder less murdery? Jesus Christ, I thought he hit bottom when he called LeBron an inarticulate stooge. Guess not.

It’s a clever tactic white liberals have used against me throughout my career. They contact the white executive they believe supervises me and ask him or her to explain my columns addressing race. The executive can’t explain it. My writings on race are cutting edge and provocative, and defense of them requires a level of expertise and boldness missing from mainstream corporate media.

Get over yourself. You’re literally replaceable by the Hodge Twins.

The executive put in this position quickly reaches the conclusion the best way to avoid uncomfortable phone calls from white liberal bigots and their black puppets complaining about my work is to place restraints on what I write or say.

That’s why I departed corporate media to partner on my own platform. Freedom.

We’ve been over this, Jason. Fired from your own website before it launched. Overestimated your worth when you negotiated with Fox.

I wanted the same freedom enjoyed by Portnoy, Joe Rogan, Bill Simmons, Ben Shapiro, Adam Carolla and countless others.

Joe Rogan and Bill Simmons have talent. You just have a complete lack of shame. While that worked for Portnoy, he started from scratch and took years to get to where he is now.

Rather than start from scratch, Clay Travis offered to share power with me at Outkick. I loved this idea because of what it signified in this era of racial polarization.

Boy, that’s a funny way of saying “I was out of places that would have anything to do with me.”

[Outkick] will be a sanctuary for lovers of truth, authenticity and fairness.

Always good to end on a joke.


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