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What’s Going On Releases The Kraken

Most layup title ever. Seattle’s NHL team has a name.

The name sounds like an arena football team to me. I hate it less than I did when I first heard it, but still, I was hoping they’d go with the Metropolitans. Given the name, though, the logo is just about perfect. I would have incorporated some green as a callback to the Metropolitans. Otherwise, great job. Same for the anchor with the Space Needle on top. Their home blue jersey leaves something to be desired, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The away white is excellent.

Washington To-Be-Named-Laters. Washington’s NFL team is no longer the Redskins after the team announced it was retiring the name and logo following pressure from team sponsors, namely the team’s stadium’s naming rights holder, FedEx. The team has yet to announce a new name because the trademarks for many potential replacements are being squatted on.

Martin McCaulay’s “hobby” started in 2014.

When speculation began to swirl that the Washington Redskins might have to change their name, out of respect to the Native American community, he went on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website and applied for a trademark for the name “Washington Pigskins.”

McCaulay, a 61-year-old actuary who lives in Alexandria, has picked up a number of other potential options. He’s filed 44 claims related to potential Washington team names.

McCaulay’s not the only one who had that idea and as a result, pretty much every name the team would consider has already been trademarked. On a semi-related note, there’s a non-zero chance that in the near future, we take a page from Eric Cartman’s playbook and change the name of this website to

So, with preferred options temporarily off the table and the season fast approaching, the Washington football team settled on…the Washington Football Team.


On the next edition of Days of our Redskins Football Team. Last week, rumors surfaced that a big story about the Football Team Formerly Known As the Redskins involving Dan Snyder and Jay Gruden holding drug parties and exploiting the team’s cheerleaders. Those rumors turned out to not be true. What did come out wasn’t any good, either. WaPo had the original story, which is paywalled. USA Today:

Fifteen former female employees of Washington’s NFL team told The Washington Post that they were sexually harassed while working for the club, according to a report published Thursday.

Richard Mann II and Alex Santos, longtime members of the team’s personnel department, were fired over the weekend, according to multiple reports. Larry Michael, the team’s long-time radio voice, then abruptly announced his retirement Wednesday after 16 seasons with the club. (All three men declined comment to The Post.)

Former chief operating officer Mitch Gershman and former president of business operations Dennis Greene are also implicated in the report. Greene declined comment to The Post, and Gershman denied the accusations against him.

Just a total dumpster fire of an organization.

More new names. The new name in Washington isn’t the only one coming in the world of sports. The Cleveland Indians and the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos have also committed to changing their names. The latter is contingent upon the league still functioning. The CFL is still very much a gate league, so the pandemic hit them especially hard. Commissioner Randy Ambrosie appealed to Parliament for money for the league, but that didn’t so so well. The league has chosen Winnipeg as it’s bubble city for a potential shortened season. The league should be able to hang on, especially if there is any sort of a season, though things will still be shaky, as teams will still be facing heavy losses for 2020.

Today in “Things that aren’t happening.” The 2020 NFL Preseason. Players had been asking for zero preseason games and the owners finally acquiesced. Teams will hold 8 padded practices before the season starts and then it’s full go. The big losers here are the late-round picks and UDFAs who need those preseason games to prove their value and earn a roster spot.

Today in “Things that are never happening.”

The time when that was a viable idea passed loooooong ago. There is way too much money involved, particularly with TV deals, to get all the conferences on the same page. Notre Dame won’t even join a conference because it would entail giving up their TV deal. Good luck getting them on board with Mack Brown’s plan.

Today in “Things that are never happening and are also insanely hypocritical.” Alex Rodriguez thinks MLB players should accept a salary cap. Alex Rodriguez is currently attempting to buy the Mets, which he would not have the money to do if such a system had been in place during his playing days. Kudos to MLBPA director Tony Clark for pointing that out to him.

Here it is, your moment of zen.

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