UA-59049186-1 DeQwan Young's 'Ask Me Anything' Total Pro Sports (TPS)

DeQwan Young’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ Total Pro Sports (TPS)

TPS Troll

I really, really, really, hate TPS.  This is my ‘Ask Me Anything’ about Total Pro Sports (TPS).

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This show is for you, the fans. This week, the “Ask Me Anything about Total Pro Sports” answers. I’ll be chatting live during the premiere. Got a question? Ask it? A video idea? Post it. Wanna roast me? GET COOKED. Come and join the convo and lets talk.

Former Arena Football Player DeQwan Young, brings his brand of funny to YouTube. Sports, comedy, interviews, and anything else you can think of, makes Qwality TV the YouTube channel of the future. Like and subscribe for more! Host: DeQwan Young

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