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The NFL Absolutely Hates the New Orleans Saints


Now originally, I was gonna talk about Bountygate, and that terrible pass interference call, but now, the NFL Absolutely hates the New Orleans Saints for one reason, racism.

Because Drew Brees was the model white man. He was wholesome, he had a perfect image, and he seemingly did everything right.  He was a superhero, and it’s tough to see your heroes go down.  Drew Brees just destroyed his image, because he believes, what he believes, and he folded.  Everything he says now, is reactionary, now he loses credibility.

Trash Apology

You’re telling me, all it took was a ton of pressure and angry people yelling at you for you to feel remorse?

This is why the NFL hates Drew Brees, because if Americans can witness a cop kill a man on video and not step back and say, “Hey wait a minute, maybe our black players were right”. NFL players made this video and now the NFL is reactionary. Now they have to do the one thing they never wanted to admit

Colin Kaepernick was right.

See this is what happens when everything is built upon a lie.  Drew Brees isn’t at fault for believing what he believes.  Nobody told his dumb ass to value a piece of cloth, over black life.  Drew Brees stands for something; the Friendly White Man.  They’ll shake hands with the black community, run camps, make appearances, but that’s to further the brand; there’s money involved in that.  The only thing people asked Drew Brees, was “Do you fundamentally believe that black people in this country matter?”

I mean, you guys had the playbook, we literally made the chant three syllables. It’s easy guys, “Black Lives Matter”. I know rhythm is a problem, but you probably should’ve asked your black friend. You know, the one that you strategically place in pictures to show how diverse you are.

Drew Brees is the hardworking underdog story that every white quarterback sees himself as. But this is always who Drew Brees was.  See a lot people like to bring up the problems black people have like poverty, and violence, and surely Drew Brees can’t do anything about that, he’s only earned 244 million.

Oh, well I’m sure he donates to charity and all that, so that’s good enough right? Right!

Because that’s what being white is. It’s not my problem to solve EVERYBODY’S problem, even though I created a few of those problems. I did a few things and that’s it. I did a good job, here’s my pat on the back.

But here is the problem are you ready?

Is This Your Leader?

Drew Brees is a quarterback. That means he has to know every position on the field.

I’m going to spell this out for everybody in a very simple way. Drew Brees is a bad quarterback, not on the field, but off the field. He’s uninformed, he didn’t ask his teammates for help, he didn’t make any checks, and he turned the ball over.

He lost his locker room. The locker room is filled with black players.  The same black players that got called a son of a b***h by the president of the united states.  The same black players, who have to take care of a lot of people when they make it, they give back to their community, they have to be model citizens and guess what, they get called a son of a b***h, by Drew Brees’ friend.

Colin Kaepernick took a knee and you ignored it.

We explained to you why he took a knee and you ignored it.

We pleaded with you to give Kap a job and you ignored it.

Stop Ignoring The Facts

Drew Brees made a selfish decision, he ignored, WILLFULLY IGNORED, what kneeling for the anthem meant.  Drew Brees is every American that says they aren’t racist. You do your part, you make appearances, but not once in history have you actually shown up for your teammates.  Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his career for change, and Drew Brees couldn’t even lie to protect himself, because that’s who he is, and that’s who you are.Drew Brees kneeling with other Saints players

You only kinda want change, because if the numbers in the NFL say anything, it’s that the future is dark. Don’t worry, you still got coaching; but why would a player listen to a coach who says “Their isn’t racism in the NFL”

Like the new Rooney Rule. I thought we hated affirmative action? Now we get extra draft picks for hiring black coaches?  Newsflash Einstein’s, if a black player sees a black coach, he might be a lot more motivated to see him succeed, because he fears he may lose his job.  I don’t think the old white men leading a bunch of black men thing works anymore. We signed the emancipation proclamation a long time ago guys.

Speaking of owners.

Jerry Jones took a knee once.

See, these guys don’t care, they just want your money. They will bend and they will stretch and they will do whatever to appease, because they only believe in money.  All Roger Goodell had to do was drop this video a week after Kap’s first protest. That’s literally it.  You could’ve given him a job and just made it a media circus.  People were asking for the bare minimum, and you did exactly what America does. Ignored the problem and acted like nothing happen.

Guys I’m drawing a parallel to racism here, stay with me.

A black man told you what the problem was. He told you what was going on and how to fix it but you didn’t listen, and now EVERYTHING IS WORSE. You want to talk about Bountygate, I bet you there are at least three wagers on Drew Brees’ helmet RIGHT NOW.  What if his left tackle whiffs on a block ON PURPOSE? He is going to be IN HELL! You want to talk about BAD PASS INTEFERENCE CALLS?  THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE DREW BREES’ LIFE A NIGHTMARE; AND, he did what most idiots do, he stooped down to Donald Trump’s level and lost home field advantage.  He’s going to lose the war of words, conservatives will throw dirt on his name, they are going to find out everything he ever did wrong, because of what he fundamentally believes.

Dude, just be a bad guy. Nobody is asking you to change your belief system, but you can’t be Batman and Bruce Wayne, because Bruce Wayne has the resources to save Gotham City, but he just rather beat up poor people and people with mental health issues.

Drew Brees can only get in the good graces of the people by doing one thing. Protesting. On the front line.  How about being the guy who shot a Rubber bullet directly at the throwing arm of Drew Brees.


He’s a biracial angel.

So Drew, if I were you, I would retire, because you lost the locker room, you lost America, and you compromised your integrity.  That missed pass interference hurt, but now you know exactly what it feels like to not have a call go your way.  All proceeds for this video will go to the cause, black lives matter, and **** Drew Brees.

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