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10 Most ICONIC Slam Dunk Contest Dunks Of All Time

10 Most Iconic Dunk Contest Dunks

The dunk contest is the highlight of All-Star weekend. We’ve seen some of the greatest athletes pull off some of the greatest dunks.  Now this was the hardest list I’ve ever had to put together, because there are so many great dunks, but these iconic ones, are the ones that left a mark on the dunk contest and made some NBA players household names.  So here are the 10 Most Iconic Dunk Contest Dunks of All-Time

  1. Cedric Ceballos Blindfold Dunk

Die with the lie. Til this day, Ceballos insists that he couldn’t see, you can tweet him, you can ask him in interviews, but he’s sticking with his story, and that’s enough for me to put him on this list.

  1. Vince Carter Between the Legs

If you can, read the oral history of the 2000 dunk contest and what it was like for Vince Carter, leading up to this amazing performance. Vince said he got this idea from a magazine an ad for the jump shoe; which was a device designed to help your vertical. So, on the court that night, he said that image popped up in his head, and he and his cousin Tracy Mcgrady, gave us this improvised classic.

  1. Kobe Bryant between the legs

Orlando Woolridge was the first competitor to use the between the legs dunk in the first ever NBA dunk contest in 1984 and JR Rider would use it again in 1994.  But Kobe Bryant gave us the most iconic version of the between the legs dunk in the 1997 NBA dunk contest.

  1. Dominique Wilkins Windmill

The originator there is none greater. The human highlight reel Dominique Wilkins brought ferocity and power to the dunk contest.  The thud, his hands would make when he would slam the ball, echoed throughout the arena.

That’s probably why his signature dunk was the windmill.  From the windup to the slam, Dominique gave us a show with the windmill.  Here’s the pioneers first windmill dunk ever.

  1. Jason Richardson off the backboard

J Rich is the dunker who I say was the greatest dunk contest performer of all time.  He was the most consistent, and has the best resume of dunks in the competition.  This off the backboard dunk in the 2004 dunk contest has to be one of the greatest dunks anyone has ever pulled off in the competition. I may have attempted this dunk over 100 times when NBA live pit the dunk contest in their game.

  1. Aaron Gordon over Stuff

From the greatest dunk contest ever, Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine put on a show. Trading dunk after dunk, after dunk.  I know we all want this rematch still.  Gordon’s best dunk, came after he jumped over Stuff the Magic Dragon in a seated position going under his legs.

Cue all the Aaron Gordon was robbed comments.

  1. Jason Richardson Reverse Between the Legs

This dunk from Jason Richardson won him the 2003. The battles between he and Desmond Mason kept the dunk contest alive in the 2000s after high-profile stars started to forego the dunk contest. I mean, we seriously didn’t even get one Lebron James dunk contest. Ever. What the hell is that?

With one dunk remaining,TNT drew up some drama for Jason Richardson, and he delivered.

  1. Zach Lavine Between the Legs From the Free Throw Line

With our number 5 entry, we all thought the 2016 dunk contest was going to Aaron Gordon, or as Kenny Smith says every year “ITS OVER”

Zach Lavine said NAH.

If you’re argument is “He was one step inside the free throw line” just stop, and get some help.

  1. Vince Carter Reverse 360 Windmill

The dunk contest took a year off thanks to a shortened season due to a labor stoppage, but when it came back, it returned with Vinsanity. Vince Carter had the greatest dunk contest performance in the history of the event. The dunk that set the tone for this one, the reverse 360 windmill.

  1. Michael Jordan Free Throw Line

Iconic is the only word you can use to describe Jordan’s free throw line dunks. The dunk was originally done in the 1976 ABA dunk contest by Dr J., but it was made famous by Michael Jordan.  He first dunked from the free throw line in 1987, but it would be his repeat of this iconic dunk in 1998, defending his championship in Chicago, against the Human Highlight Reel, Dominique Wilkins that would be his most iconic.

Enjoy all star weekend and we’ll see you next time on The Countdown.

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