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Farewell: Prince Amukamara, CB and Taylor Gabriel, WR

Friday, the Bears released WR Taylor Gabriel and CB Prince Amukamara, the two most likely salary cap casualties remaining now that Kyle Long has retired. The timing is interesting here because a) the moves come a day after Derek Carr posted a photo of him and Khalil Mack together on Instagram, b) free agency doesn’t start for nearly a month, and c) multiple analysts, including your author, believed the Bears could get something for Gabriel, even if it was just a 6th or 7th-round pick. So this space is now officially on Carr Watch. If you’re reading this and asking yourself why the Raiders would trade Carr, remember that this is Jon Gruden we’re talking about. Chucky’s attitude towards quarterbacks is the living personification of that meme where the guy is holding hands with his girlfriend and openly checking out another girl walking by.

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