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10 Greatest Heavyweights of All Time

1\Who are the 10 greatest geavyweights ever

10 Greatest Heavyweights Ever

1\Who are the 10 greatest geavyweights ever

What makes a great heavyweight? It’s not only wins and losses, its about impact, dominance and a significant contribution to the sport. Over the last few years there’s been a resurgence in the heavyweight division, whether it be Fury VS Wilder, Ruiz scoring a victory over Joshua, its all been exciting. With this reemergence of the division we want to take the time and look back and ask the most important question known to man.  Who are the 10 Greatest Heavyweights of all time?



  1. Jack Dempsey

The Manassa Mauler revolutionized the sport of boxing.  Dempsey brought a level of skill and power that only a few (Gene Tunney in particular) could handle.  Dempsey is considered one of the most popular heavyweight champions of all time.

His win over Luis Firpo drew a crowd of over 90,000 to the Polo grounds, as it was the second million dollar gate (Dempsey VS Georges Carpentier was the first).

Dempsey absolutely mauled Jess Willard in one of the most lopsided heavyweight fights in history. Jack Dempsey cut the 6’6 245 pound giant down to size, as it was reported Willard suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and broken teeth.

  1. Jack Johnson

“The Galvaston Giant” became the first African American heavyweight boxing champion, during the height of racial segregation.  Jack Johnson was described as “invincible”, as writers would use adjectives such as “great” and “unbeatable” when discussing Johnson.

Jack Johnson scored wins over the likes of Joe Jeanette, Sam Langford and James Jefferies.

Boxing was vastly different in the early 1900’s, and Johnson’s dominance and impact lead him to become one of the most significant heavyweight champions of all time.

With a record of 71-11-11 officially, Johnson’s most important victory came in The Fight of the Century, with former heavyweight champion Jim Jefferies.

Jefferies sole reason for coming out of retirement was to show that the white man is better than the negro.  In round 15, Jefferies corner threw in the towel.

8. Larry Holmes

As one of the most underrated heavyweights of all time. Larry Holmes’ career is often overshadowed by that of Muhammed Ali, but Larry Holmes was the total package.  He spent more than seven years as heavyweight champion, and made 20 successful title defenses.

He has signature wins over Muhammed Ali, Ken Norton, Trevor Berbick and Gerry Cooney.

“The Easton Assassin” had one of the best jabs in boxing history. It was fast precise and very powerful. The best way to describe it, the best defense is a great offense.  Holmes could control fights, rest behind his jab and deliver a dangerous right hand.

And although it wasn’t prime Ali, no other boxer can say they stopped him, except Larry Holmes.

7. Joe Frasier

Smoking Joe Frazier competed during the Golden Age of Heavyweight boxing.

Fighting alongside the likes of Ali in the fight of the century.  In what was an absolute war.

His dominance of the greatest of all time established him as one of the best fighters of his era. He would lose in shocking fashion to George Foreman and go to absolute battles with Ali two more times.

6. George Foreman

With a record of 76 – 5 and a career lasting over 30 years.  Big George Foreman’s career was quite unique. Another representative of the Golden Era of Boxing, Foreman’s career began in 1969 and would end in 1998.  Foreman would experience a spiritual rebirth and retire for 10 years, and in 1987 return to the ring.

One of the hardest punchers in boxing history, Foreman destroyed Joe Frazier.

Foreman’s comeback in 1994 was one of the most spectacular stories in boxing. 20 years after losing to Muhammed Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle, he defeated Michael Moorer at the age of 45 to become the oldest heavyweight to win a title.

  1. Mike Tyson

The first part of Tyson’s career is undeniable.  At age 20, he knocked out Trevor Berbick to become the youngest heavyweight champion.

With signature wins over Trevor Berbick, Michael Spinks and Larry Holmes.  At his peak Tyson was one of the most feared men on the planet and one of the hardest hitting boxers of all time. With pulverizing power, and one of the greatest uppercuts we’ve ever laid eyes on, Tyson won 37 fights before Buster Douglas did the unthinkable.

After Tyson’s loss to Douglas, he never recovered. Tyson’s career would tailspin, as he was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison, serving three.  His return to the ring would see him win the WBC and WBA titles, but Mike would never regain his position among the top of the division.

4. Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis was a pioneer in the “super heavyweight” era in boxing.  The athletic 6-foot-5 heavyweight, was the seventh boxer to win an Olympic Gold Medal and a heavyweight championship.

Lewis has signature wins over mike Tyson Evander Holyfield and Vitali Klitschko.

It took some time for Lewis to garner the acclaim he deserves, but as the years have passed, Lennox has come to be more widely accepted as one of the all-time greats.  He has the twelfth longest reign in heavyweight championship history

Lewis met and beat every heavyweight who was put in front of him.  His only two losses were avenged, and his final fight with future champ, Vitali Klitschko, ended when he TKO’d Vitali in six. Lewis retired champion

Lennox Lewis KO

  1. Rocky Marciano

The only heavyweight champion to retire undefeated, Marciano was undersized at heavyweight, clocking in at 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds.

With signature wins over Archie MOORE, and Joe Louis, the undefeated Marciano is regarded in some circles as the greatest heavyweight ever.  The focus Marciano would display during camp showed his commitment to being the greatest. He would spend weeks in a remote training camp isolating himself from family and friends.

No man on the planet could stop “The Rock”, as he finished 49-0 with 43 knockouts in his career. His most notable victory would cement his legacy as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

the rock from brockton

Rocky Marciano trains for a fight


  1. Joe Louis

The “Brown Bomber” was the undisputed heavyweight champion for 11¾ years.  With an amazing 25 title defenses, Joe Louis could arguably take the number one spot.

With signature wins over the likes of Max Schmeling, Jersey Joe Walcott and Max Baer, Louis dominated his Era.

Louis entered boxing after the reign of the wildly popular Jack Dempsey, saving boxing from an era of unathletic boxers, fixed fights and organized crime.  The rejection of African American fighters as hero’s, didn’t stop Louis from becoming the hope of a nation, defeating German fighter Max Schmeling. The fight would have political symbolism, as it took place during the heightened tensions growing before World War II.

Joe Louis KO

  1. Muhammed Ali

THE 10 Greatest Heavyweights list ends with the man nicknamed “The Greatest”.  Muhammed Ali, he’s the greatest and he’s pretty. The greatest heavyweight boxer, during the greatest Era of heavyweight Boxing is most assuredly the greatest heavyweight of all time. He won his first title as a 7-1 underdog against Sonny Liston, another heavyweight that could’ve made this list.

With signature wins over Smoking Joe Frazier George Foreman and Ken Norton no boxers on this list has a resume as good as Ali.

Ali’s toughest opponent? The united states; as he was stripped of his boxing license and effectively exiled from boxing from age 25 to 29. Ali refused to be inducted into the armed forces during the Vietnam war.  His return to the ring saw him score big wins over Joe Frazier and Ken Norton twice, In two of the greatest trilogies in boxing history.  He would overcome odds as a four to one underdog in the Rumble in the Jungle against George Foreman.

In terms of impact there is none greater.

Charisma, athleticism, and a resume to match, Muhammed Ali is the greatest of all time.

Muhammed Ali shake


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