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What’s Going On Presses Pause

Posting here has been light since the draft and will likely stay that way until at least the lead-up to football season. Essentially, a combination of other commitments and personal issues has resulted in not having the time or energy to keep up with this blog the way I want to. At the same time, the Qwality Sports team as a whole is evaluating our content strategy and the focus is on podcasting. So where does this leave the blog? Dunno right now. At the very least, I’ll continue to do the weekend posts and probably some stuff like picks columns that can serve to supplement the podcasts. Also, I still plan on regular Bears coverage. “Plan on” is the operative phrase here, though, as other work possibilities have come up and should those possibilities become realities, I may not have time to cover the team and the games as well as I’d like to. What I want to do is basically Brian Cook’s MGoBlog, but with Chicago sports; in-depth Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls coverage as well as a weekly or so “What’s Going On” that covers the big stories in sports as a whole. But, what I want to do and what I have time to do are two different things. At the very least, I know I’d need a Bulls guy, someone who knows basketball better than I do. A Blackhawks guy couldn’t hurt, particularly for the part of the season that overlaps with football. If anyone wants to cover baseball, so much the better. That is the hope, in time. If you’re interested in being part of any of that, reach out to me on Twitter. In the meantime, thanks for reading and please bear with us as we get organized. We’ve got some exciting plans!

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