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MVP (Missing Valuable Player)


We are now 5 games down in the NBA Finals. At most, two games remain in this year’s NBA season. Lots of stories and headlines have developed throughout these NBA playoffs. An angle that hasn’t gotten nearly enough traction is “WHERE THE HELL IS STEPHEN CURRY?” I haven’t seen the unanimous MVP really since the Western Conference Finals began. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s had some good games and big time moments. But I haven’t consistently seen the guy that was the first unanimous MVP and that led the Warriors to a NBA record 73 win season. Where did that guy go? In the regular season, Curry averaged 30 PPG, 6.7 APG, 3.3 turnovers, shot 50% from the field and 45% from three. In the 12 games Curry has played so far against OKC and now Cleveland, I just have not recognized this guy masquerading around in the number 30 jersey posing as the 2x MVP.

Let me give you some numbers. I just told you what Curry did in the regular season but let’s look at his averages since the Western Conference Finals started. In Curry’s last 12 games, he averaged 25.5 PPG, 5.3 APG, 43.5 FG%, 41.8 3P% and 4.2 turnovers. For most players, those are great numbers for a guard BUT DAMMIT STEPH AIN’T JUST SOME OTHER PLAYER! I’M HOLDING HIM TO A HIGHER STANDARD! I EXPECTED MORE AND WANNA SEE MORE! His numbers are down across the board. When Game 5 was still close, Curry missed one triple after another and failed to answer back when Kyrie was taking over the game. Curry has played like a top 10 player for the most part when you factor in his overall performance throughout the entire playoffs this year. He hasn’t played like the best player in the NBA and that’s what he’s supposed to be. That’s what he was in the regular season.

If you go back and look at Game 5 considering the circumstances, I’d say Curry came up extremely short and completely let the Cavs off the hook. That game was for the taking and Curry didn’t get the job done. We’re talking about a close out game on your home floor where one of your team’s best players is suspended and even more is required of Curry. He proceeds to go out and put forth his worst performance of these finals and maybe even the playoffs (when you consider the circumstances).

Outside of when Kevin Love was guarding him, Curry didn’t do to much of anything scoring wise. He wasn’t making plays for his teammates and Kyrie was having his way with him defensively. If the Warriors blow this 3-1 lead and lose in the NBA finals with Curry continuing to play the way he has, I’m going to be pointing at him as the biggest reason for their short comings. There is at least one more game left in the playoffs. Win or lose, the unanimous MVP better wake the hell up and start playing like the man that set records this past season. Overall, he hasn’t been making all those difficult three pointers he usually makes or creating space for others. Curry’s been deferring his play making duties way too much while his off ball defense hasn’t been nearly as good as it was in the regular season. He’s also turning the ball over at an alarming rate. His 5.3 assists to 4.2 turnover ratio is as horrible as it gets and his play just as a point guard has been horrible and at times non-existent by his standards. I have been incredibly disappointed by his overall performance in these past two series and I can’t be anymore frank about it. He has to play…NO HE BETTER PLAY BETTER! It’s just as simple as that.

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