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Magnetic Balls and Bad Calls- THE NBA IS RIGGED!

Golden State let Cleveland, well, Golden State them. Once down 3-1, LeBron James again shows why he’s King and why it’s his league. But wait, he and his teammates aren’t that talented, right? This series was to be over in Game 5, right? GSW lost game 3 because they wanted to win it at the Oracle Arena in five games, correct? There is NO WAY this goes seven games! Fast forward a week later and now we have a one game sudden death matchup for all of the marbles.

Lest we forget the last two games have seen the Warriors without a starter. Draymond Green, a pivotal part of the Dubs’ success, was suspended for Game 5, while Center Andrew Bogut was injured in that same game and is done for the finals and probably until this time next season. We shall see. Green and Bogut missing time, has definitely impacted play on both ends of the court. Though, if I were a Warriors fan, my go to excuse would be that “we” are missing starters and of course at full strength we end the series in five games.

Coupled with that, we now have LBJ playing his best ball of these playoffs (he’s been pretty good this postseason, check the tape and stats.) It makes sense that his dominance could lead to wins and possibly willing his team back to even the series at 3-3 right? Nah… its rigged! I’d say 80% of social media is uttering this sentiment. What makes it even worse is that the infamous Ayesha Curry (if you live under a rock, she is Stephen Curry’s wife who has surged in popularity as this perfect wife or whatever) tweeted about the fix being in and witnessing it firsthand. If Ayesha said it, it must be true!

It’s a SHAME that all of a sudden the league is rigged. Last round, when GSW was down 3-1 and roared back to win in a Memorial Day Game 7 in Oakland, Warriors watchers (not fans, you weren’t a fan til last year, sit down,) had no complaints and credited the comeback to relentless play by Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and others.

If the fix was REALLY in, guess what, your team has something to do with it also! Fixing ball games and other sports competitions has happened in the past, sure, but there has been not ONE charge against the NBA or anything other team or entity to do with any manipulation of games or scores. Sometimes, the ball just doesn’t bounce your way. IT JUST HAPPENED IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS. LeBron James made it to the NBA Finals the last six years. Has it been fixed all of that time, or is he just that good and the teammates surrounding him are enough to get him there?

To NBA watchers(again, not fans,) the game is not fixed. Get off YouTube, stop arguing on Facebook comments (ONLY ALLOWED TO ARGUE IF YOU BUY A SHIRT NEXT WEEK) and sit back and enjoy. Real fans we are in for a treat, and just in time for Father’s Day, an NBA Finals Game 7. Fire up that BBQ grill, pour up some libations, and let’s enjoy the last day of basketball.

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