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NBA Team Preview: Golden State Warriors



Draft Picks: 38. SG. Pat McCaw

Key Acquisitions: SF. Kevin Durant, C. Zaza Pachulia, PF. David West

Key Losses: C. Andrew Bogut, SF. Harrison Barnes

Player Profiles

Projected Lineup:

PG. Stephen Curry: 6’3, 185

  • Legendary marksman that is a threat to shoot it as soon as he steps past half court.
  • Elite scorer that can not only shoot but has phenomenal handle and ability to get to rim and finish. Also has an in between game. Threat from literally everywhere on the floor.
  • Underrated defender: shows good instincts and is very active, gets a ton of steals.

SG. Klay Thompson: 6’7, 205

  • Elite Shooter with range extending far beyond the 3 point line and the quickest release in the league.
  • 2 way wing that takes the term “3 & D” to a whole nother level. Elite perimeter defender capable of guarding all 3 perimeter positions and lights out shooter from all over the court.
  • Limited Offensively in terms of creating his own offense in large part due to average handle and limited athleticism and quickness.

SF. Kevin Durant: 6’11, 240

  • Unreal and freakish physical traits for a SF: 6’11 with a 7’5 wing span and plenty of athleticism and a very quick first step
  • Unstoppable scorer that has the handle to create space and get his shot whenever he wants. His physical gifts allow him to raise up and shoot over anyone if space is limited.
  • Untapped defensive potential: showed in the playoffs he can be great on defense.

PF. Draymond Green: 6’7, 230

  • All-around 2 way star player that can impact games in every phase of the game
  • Offensively Green can play the role of point forward, stretch 4, or score as a traditional big in the screen game via PnR/PnP. Back to back post game is functional.
  • Defensively, Green is right there with Lebron as the most versatile defender in the NBA. He can guard 4 positions and is 1 of the best off ball defenders in the NBA.

C. Zaza Pachulia: 6’11, 270

  • Veteran big body center who’s best value is his rebounding.
  • Offensively he’s a below the rim player who doesn’t get the ball much and doesn’t need it to help the team. He’s a good passer, great rebounder, and sets great screens.
  • Tough interior defender that offers smart defense but he has his liabilities. He doesn’t block shots at all and doesn’t move well at all.



SF. Andre Iguodala: 6’6, 207

  • All-around defensive star wing that can do some of everything.
  • Elite finisher at the rim and comfortable playing with or without the ball. Improved shooter over the years and can make plays for others.
  • Elite perimeter defender capable of making life hell on opposing team’s stars. 3 position defender.

PF. David West: 6’9, 250

  • Veteran big man that brings toughness and attitude to the court on both ends.
  • Still a very effective offensive player that can score at all 4 levels inside the arc. He’s a knock down mid-range shooter, can post up, and despite his height and below the rim game is an very good finisher.
  • Quality interior defender that does an excellent job of denying position in the paint. He plays smart on defense and for his age can move a little. He has no impact as a shot blocker.

PG. Shaun Livingston: 6’7, 182

  • Huge PG that can play all 3 perimeter positions.
  • Savvy veteran player on offense that schools young guards in the post and knocks down shots from mid and close range. Has no 3 point game at all.
  • Average defender that has value because of his size but his lack of athletic ability and lateral quickness are also negatives.

C. Anderson Varejao: 6’10, 273

  • Veteran savvy below the rim center that is an expert flopper.
  • Offensively on the decline big time as he struggles to finish around the rim as he doesn’t really get off the ground anymore. He has shooting value either which can make him a liability on the floor. However, he does crash the offensive boards, pass the ball well and sets good screens.
  • Still a quality defender though not what he used to be in terms of mobility. At his best defending in the interior.

SG. Ian Clark: 6’3, 175

  • Undersized off guard who’s primary value is 3 point shooting.
  • Offensively he’s a reserve who’s role is to come in and shoot the ball and help space the floor.
  • Defensively he isn’t very good and doesn’t have the height or weight to be an impact defender.

C. JaVale McGee: 7’0, 270

  • Big athletic center that finish and block shots.
  • Offensively he’s highly limited in terms of creating his own offense but he’s still a major factor finishing and rolling to the basket. He’s also an elite offensive rebounder.
  • He’s a legitimate shot blocker but he’s not an overall good defensive player because he has a lot of lapses on that end.

PF. James McAdoo: 6’9, 230

  • Young athletic 4 who has a lot of physical tools but his game still seems to be unrefined.
  • Offensively he isn’t much of a shooter and doesn’t have the perimeter game to play on the wing really. He has some value as a slasher but not much else.
  • Average defender with very long arms and mobility.



The Warriors might have the best starting 5 not just today but ever. It all starts with the NBA’s best backcourt headlined by the Splash Brothers. At PG is Steph Curry who is the team’s best player and the guy who ultimately makes this team go. Curry can hit 3s that no other human can make and gives the phrase in the gym range a whole new meaning. If he’s the best shooter in the game his backcourt mate Klay Thompson is number 2. Klay might even be better shooting off the catch than Curry. Nobody can get hotter than Klay can and when he does he can single-handedly take over games. The front court got a huge boost in Kevin Durant to start at SF. He may be the best all-around scorer in the NBA and makes what was already the best offense in basketball even more deadly. Draymond Green is the unconventional PF who honestly is capable of playing all 5 spots on the floor. He’s so good at passing the ball that he led the team in assist. As good as he is on offense he’s an elite defensive player that can defend multiple positions and he’s the heart and soul of this Warriors team. The other newcomer to this starting 5 is Zaza Pachulia at center. He won’t play starter minutes but he’ll start the game as the 5. He’ll fit in perfectly because he can pass the ball and sets great screens and doesn’t need the basketball to contribute or be happy.

The Warriors bench isn’t quite what is was last year, but it’s still pretty good. Andre Igoudala still remains as the 6th man and key contributor off this bench. He’ll be called upon to play often and spark up the Warriors vaunted “Death lineup.” Shaun Livingston is also still on the bench and can come in with his versatility and be mixed and matched with many different lineups because of his skill set and size. A huge new addition to the Warriors bench will be David West who took another pay cut for a shot at a ring. He played very well for the Spurs off the bench last year on both ends and will be another 2 way weapon for the Warriors to deploy. The rest of the bench gives me cause to pause. Andy V proved last season that he’s just about washed up and Ian Clark is an undersized off guard that doesn’t have PG skills or the size to play the 3. He’s strictly a 1 position player that is a decent but not great 3 point shooter and he plays no defense. Javale McGee could be a solid contributor but you never know where his head is at and then they have two young forwards in McAdoo and Looney who really aren’t ready to play significant minutes on a title contender. More responsibility will be placed on the Warriors starters than ever before this upcoming season.


My expectations for the Warriors are for them to win 75+ games and win the championship and win every playoff series they play in 5 games or less. There’s no reason baring injury or suspension this team should struggle with any team. I don’t want to hear all this stuff about fitting together or the lack of depth on bench. When you have that many star players none of that should matter. No team in the league should be able to deal with the Warriors when they have Curry, Thompson, Igoudala, Durant, and Green on the court together.

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