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Top 100 NBA Players of 2016: 10-1

  1. C. Demarcus Cousins – Sacremento Kings
  • Star big man on the cusp of superstardom
  • All-around offensive game and then some. Has the strength to overpower on the block, footwork and touch to be a prolific post scorer, and shoots it from mid-range and 3.
  • Underrated defender that can guard on the block, deny post position or reestablish it. He blocks shots, gets steals and is a force on the glass.
  1. SG. James Harden – Houston Rockets
  • 1-way offensive superstar that scores at an elite level and is very comfortable distributing for others.
  • Elite penetrator. Is the best in the league when it comes to getting to the FT line. Puts a ton of pressure on opposing defenses.
  • Horrific defender who actually has the ability to defend at high level but gives next to no effort on that end.
  1. SF. Paul George – Indiana Pacers
  • 2-way star that impacts the game on both ends
  • Good scorer that does most of his damage from outside. 3s made up nearly 40% of his shot attempts.
  • Elite wing defender that causes problems due to his 6’10 frame.
  1. PG. Chris Paul – Los Angles Clippers
  • Prototype PG and ultimate leader and floor general.
  • Very good scorer and even greater passer and playmaker. Has elite vision and has the ability to play steps ahead of the defense.
  • Very good defensive player. Has been 1 of the top defensive PGs for years despite being undersized.
  1. PF. Anthony Davis – New Orleans Pelicans
  • Elite physical tools for a PF at nearly 7 feet with a huge wing span, and speed/quickness that most bigs simply can’t match.
  • Freaky gifted big man with guard skills, can handle, shoot out to 3 point range, shoots off the dribble and makes fadeaways. Also can score in high post or with back to basket.
  • Really good defender with the potential to be all-time great on that end.
  1. SF. Kawhi Leonard – San Antonio Spurs
  • 2-way superstar that absolutely thrives at both ends of the court.
  • Arguably the best defensive player in the NBA, Utilizes long arms, big hands, terrific instincts and superb lateral quickness to shut down perimeter players.
  • Breakout offensive star that proved he can carry an offense. Does a little of everything: he can shoot 3s, post up, run PnR or score off the ball as a slasher or shooter.
  1. PG. Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Ultra-athletic guard with a nonstop motor and killer instincts.
  • All-around PG that can score at will and create for others. Has become a much improved playmaker.
  • Inconsistent defensively but when he locks in he can defend at an high level.
  1. SF. Kevin Durant – Golden State Warriors
  • Unreal and freakish physical traits for a SF: 6’11 with a 7’5 wing span and plenty of athleticism and a very quick first step
  • Unstoppable scorer that has the handle to create space and get his shot whenever he wants. His physical gifts allow him to raise up and shoot over anyone if space is limited.
  • Untapped defensive potential: showed in the playoffs he can be great on defense.
  1. PG. Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors
  • Legendary marksman that is a threat to shoot it as soon as he steps past half court.
  • Elite scorer that can not only shoot but has phenomenal handle and ability to get to rim and finish. Also has an in between game. Threat from literally everywhere on the floor.
  • Underrated defender: shows good instincts and is very active, gets a ton of steals.
  1. SF. LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Once in a lifetime, living legend that is every position rolled into 1.
  • All-around offensive player that shows elite scoring and passing ability.
  • Elite defender capable of guarding all 5 positions on the court.

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