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This Week’s Top 10: NBA Players

Welcome to the first installment of our new, weekly top 10 series! Basically the whole thing got started when Shayne said Kobe Bryant wasn’t top 10 all-time after he announced his retirement. Shayne was mocked on Twitter and then we all put together our lists. Then I thought, “Hey, there’s plenty of stuff we could rank. And those rankings lead to good discussions. Let’s make this a weekly thing!” And so now it is. Questions?

“How’s this different from the type of stuff Buzzfeed does?”

We’re better than Buzzfeed. I prefer to think of this more like the “Who’s #1?” show that ESPN used to make back when they actually put effort into their programming. Any more questions?


Cool, let’s begin.

The GIIG Composite List:

(A 1st-place vote is worth 10 points, a 2nd-place vote is worth 9, a 3rd-place vote is worth 8, and so on. The list was voted on by myself, Qwan, Shayne, and Mike. Team colors are the teams the player was with the longest, except for Wilt Chamberlain, because the Warriors moved while he was with them and he’s probably best-known as a 76er.)


Others receiving votes: Kobe Bryant – 9, Hakeem Olajuwon – 8.

Now, before anyone gets mad that Kobe didn’t make the top 10, we all had him on our individual lists.

How we voted:


Thoughts? Comments? Want to join the debate? Talk to us on Twitter:

@KSchroeder2325 (Kevin), @YoungQwan (Qwan), @sugashayne3 (Shayne), @mikeyvick_ (Mike)


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