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Welcome to Chicago: Juan Castillo, Offensive Line Coach

This happened before the relaunch, but we’re going to catch up now. After a disappointing season on the ground, Harry Hiestand got the heave ho. Enter Juan Castillo. Nagy and Castillo spent five years together in Philly under Andy Reid. In Philadelphia, Castillo coached tight ends, then the offensive line, then for some reason, in 2011 was named defensive coordinator. He was fired after two years in that position, after which he headed to Baltimore, where he would spend four years, the first as run game coordinator and the next three as OL coach. He held both jobs for the next two years in Buffalo before being let go. He spent the 2019 season as an analyst at Michigan. While he wasn’t the actual OL coach there, it’s worth noting that 80% of the Wolverines’ line should get drafted in April and Castillo at least had a hand in their development. Jon Runyan, Jr. spoke glowingly of him. mLive:

Barring injury, the 6-foot-5, 310-pound Runyan is a lock to start the season at left tackle

He’s also had some outside help. Runyan credited Juan Castillo, Michigan’s new offensive analyst and longtime NFL assistant coach, with being that outside influence.

“(Castillo) was a coach that coached my [sic] dad his entire career in Philadelphia,” Runyan said. “He’s down for whatever. Texting me clips of stuff that he sees. Always down to get into the film room whenever. If I have a question or anything. Telling me drills that I can work on myself.”

Run offense DVOA for Castillo’s stints as run game coordinator:

2013 Ravens: -27.2%, #32 (#30 overall offense)

2017 Bills: -7.9%, #19 (#26 overall offense)

2018 Bills: -11.4%, #23 (#31 overall offense)

Castillo should be a solid line coach. Those DVOA numbers don’t inspire confidence in his coordinating abilities, HOWEVA, the two years with the Bills, his run game outperformed the pass game, and the one year in Baltimore was a dumpster fire all around. Also, Lazor should be involved in the run game as well.  It should be fine.

A video profile from Castillo’s time in Buffalo can be found here.

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