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Jared Lorenzen Won’t Accept My Friend Request on Facebook

(Photo Cred: Paul Pennington)
February 9th, 2014.

The Bank of Kentucky Center is quiet, as the Erie Explosion and I arrive for our matchup with the Northern Kentucky River Monsters. This matchup has been around 2-3 years in the making every since the second season of the UIFL. The River Monsters were the leagues most elite team and the Erie Explosion had just come off of a spectacular season in the SIFL. The matchup never took place as the River Monsters dropped out of the league before the start of the season (due to funding, or ownership, or whatever excuse indoor teams are using these days). Therefore, this matchup was (insert most anticipated cliche here) in the history of the CIFL.

The week prior my Explosion teammates and I were at home, while Jared was tearing up the in-state rival Bluegrass Warhorses. Thanks to a very small jersey and Lorenzen’s star power from his previous playing days, the matchup was picked up by every major sports blog, ESPN, and other media outlets. Jared went on a press tour for the wek (Rome is Burning, Scott Van Pelt, etc.) and talked positively about the league. It was great exposure for a bunch of guys still holding on to a dream of playing at a higher level of football.

We had gameplanned all week for them, knowing there would be extra exposure from media outlets and other sources because of the week prior. Playing Division 2 football in college leaves limited opportunity to be seen on a national stage and get the exposure big time athletes do, so I was GEEKED.


In the second quarter the River Monsters were driving. Because of my obvious obsession with McDoubles and Chicken McNuggets I’d started off the game at Jack/LB. They lined up in a trips set to the wide side of the field and I was watching for Receivers coming back across the field. Looking back on the play now (think it’s called hindsight but I can’t remember because I’m pretty sure this tackle gave me a concussion and parts of my memory are blank now) everything seemed to go in a slow motion. I’m 5’8 about 200 lbs and Jared is about 6’3 and “320 lbs” (Generosity knows no bound). During the breakdown of the play he starts to scramble to the outside and my first thought is “Please God let him throw the ball away”. He pump fakes once and my second thought is “PLEASE GOD LET HIM THROW THE BALL AWAY”. My prayers were not answered and it was at this moment I had a decision to make.

I’ve been playing football for over 15 years. I’ve been told I was too small to be any good, a lot of my coaches never believed I was any good, and tried to keep me away from their teams by making up bullshit rules about me being too small. I played football at a small school outside of Gary, IN. It turned into a pretty solid career and I’m pretty celebrated in the small town. I’ve been shot at, I’m from Pontiac, MI which is a poor man’s Detroit when it comes to violence. I grew up in that same city without a father and the things people are capable of in that city are scary nowadays. I’m fearless, I’m the guy who will do anything that follows the phrase “I dare you”, and I’m the guy who will risk his life to prove a point. This was the first time in my life I WAS SCARED TO DEATH OF WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. Remember the size comparison I stated earlier? This was a true David and Goliath situation.

What was on the line: My health and well being. Being embarrassed on National TV (which should be number 1). A touchdown which would’ve been a momentum shifter for the game.

I don’t know Jared personally and I’m sure he’s a great person, but I had a choice I had to make, and if you can’t tell by what was on the line, it was an important one. He ended up breaking his leg because of the play and it seems like he’s done with his career. The River Monsters limped (no pun intended) through the rest of the season and lost in the playoffs. We won the championship and I had a pretty successful individual season. The people on my twitter TL have deemed it “The Fatherless Hit” and I have to live with this everyday.

and that’s why Jared Lorenzen won’t accept my friend request on Facebook.

oh here’s my highlight tape:


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