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All-Star Game Power Rankings

(Photo: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

4. Pro Bowl

It’s football, but Nobody really wants to be there and even fewer try. Also, the game has gotten a lot worse since it was moved to the week before the Super Bowl.

3. MLB All-Star Game

Out of the four all-star games, it’s the one that most closely resembles an actual game. Unfortunately, that’s a baseball game, and baseball’s pace of play makes golf look like the X games.¬†Also, while the Home Run Derby is still fun to watch, it’s lost quite a bit of it’s luster. I would like to see MLB do something to increase scoring (maybe use the balls from the Home Run Derby) and make their All-Star game more fun to watch; however, I don’t see that happening since Bud Selig had the brilliant idea to let this game determine home field advantage in the World Series.

2. NHL All-Star Game

It’s hockey. Plus, the player draft and skills contest are entertaining. However, watching the NHL All-Star game will give you a new appreciation for how hard players play in the Pro Bowl. At least with the NHL All-Star game you get to watch most of the top players in the league dog it.

1. NBA All-Star Game

NBA All-Star Weekend is as good as it gets. The Rookie-Sophomore game is a great way to showcase young talent, and while the dunk contest, much like the Home Run Derby, isn’t what it used to be, it, as well as the rest of the skills contests, are still a lot of fun to watch, and are the best part of the weekend. The game itself isn’t great, as nobody’s really going all-out, but at least most of the NBA’s best actually play in the game, and there’s some good offense.

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