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Edge Returns | 10 Surprise Entrants We Want in the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble

Whats up you Qwanamaniacs, its Wrestlemania season and as always, we kick off the road to Wrestlemania with the Royal Rumble. WWE has the opportunity to make the 2020 Royal Rumble a special show and we think adding some legends, NXT Superstars, and free agents will make this the best Rumble ever. So today we present 10 Surprise Entrants We Want in the 2020 Royal Rumble.

  1. Tyson Fury

 This is the most up-in-the-air surprise out of all the entrants on this list as Tyson Fury is preparing for his fight with Deontay Wilder, so him being in the Rumble kind of seems kind of farfetched, but stranger things have happened

Fury has stated multiple times that he wants to face Brock Lesnar and he let it slip that he will be facing Brock at mania and Vince has been really interested in a champion vs champion match.

If Fury shows up at the Rumble business is definitely going to pick up.

  1. Nia Jaxx

After showing up in both the mens and womens royal rumble last year Nia Jaxx tore her ACLs in both knees. She has been out of action for a while and now would be a great time to bring back the former champion to inject some life into the womens division.

Maybe she comes back and we get the Becky Lynch feud we deserved to see

  1. Shayna Bazsler

Bazsler will go down The most dominant wrestler in NXT. For both the Men and women. Just flat out domination.

The first ever two time NXT Champion lost her title to Rhea Ripley in December and as great as a reign as it was, she has nothing left to accomplish. Now a main roster call-up is a must, so we can eventually start building to horsewomen VS horsewomen.

  1. John Cena

Man I really hate to admit this, but the WWE isnt as good as I thought it would be without John Cena. We don’t know how much wrestling is left in Cena’s legendary wrestling career. The only thing we DO KNOW is that he has one thing left to do break Ric Flair’s record.

Its been a long time since John Cena was in the ring. His last appearance? Was a battle rap against the USOs

Hate him or love him, Cena deserves to break Flair’s record on the Grandest Stage of them All. With a budding Hollywood career, its time to strike, while the irons hot.

  1. Batista


The 2020 Hall of Famer finished up his career at last years Wrestlemania, and this year, hes going into the Hall of Fame, so what better way to start the WrestleMania season by seeing Batista back in the rumble, one last time.

I walk for miles inside this pit of danger

  1. The Velveteen Dream


Velveteen Dream has been out of action with a serious back injury and he’s been out since September, when he dropped the north American championship to Roderick Stron.

They said he’d be out until early 2020 and now, its about that time. We think going back to NXT wouldn’t hurt Dream, but it would be a perfect opportunity to debut the experience that is The Dream.

  1. The Undertaker

Its WrestleMania season so its Undertaker SZN.

Now Taker had a few matches last year, and he didn’t have a match at Mania last year. So maybe the Deadman will finally, rest in peace. Hes been spotted at the performance center as of late, but regardless of the outcome, you know there ain’t no grave that can hold his body down.

  1. Edge

We get this rumor year after year after year after year and I’m tired of it, BUT, He did spear Elias at Summerslam, and rumors around the interwebs, Edge signed a new contract with WWE.  Although Edge denies the rumors (which he’s supposed to do) we know he has battled with spinal stenosis and he isn’t allowed to wrestle.  If things have changed tho, we cant wait to see the Rated R Superstar back

2. CM Punk

Since his departure in 2014, Punk had always made it clear that he would never be back in WWE, until he showed up on Fox’s Backstage. Never say never I guess.

“We think its not a matter of If, but when CM Punk will get back in the ring”.  Punks proximity to WWE has never been closer since he walked away in 2014 and to not think a surprise rumble appearance is in store in the near future is insane.

Will it be this year? Will he finally get to headline a Wrestlemania? What if we got the Monday Night Messiah VS The Best in the World.

  1. Cain Velasquez

Cain made his debut on the first Smackdown on Fox and attacked Brock Lesnar.  He then lost at Crown Jewel to Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title.  Brock Lesnar is the number one entrant in the Royal Rumble.

Number 2?

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