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2023 NFL Draft Big Board: Offensive Tackle

[Photo: Sports Illustrated]


No. Player School Grade
1 Darnell Wright Tennessee Top 10
2 Broderick Jones Georgia Top 10
3 Paris Johnson Jr. Ohio State Early-Mid 1st
4 Matthew Bergeron Syracuse Early 2nd
5 Anton Harrison Oklahoma 2nd
6 Jaelyn Duncan Maryland 3rd
7 Nick Saldiveri Old Dominion 3rd
8 Tyler Steen Alabama 3rd
9 Warren McClendon Georgia 3rd-4th
10 Wanya Morris Oklahoma 3rd-4th
11 Dawand Jones Ohio State 3rd-4th
12 Blake Freeland BYU 4th-5th
13 Ryan Hayes Michigan 5th-6th
14 Carter Warren Pittsburgh 6th-7th
15 Joey Fisher Shepherd 7th-FA


Darnell Wright leads the offensive tackle class for the 2023 Draft. This space asserts that if he had been a left tackle at Tennessee, he would be getting the recognition he deserves. He went up against elite talent in the SEC and always produced. Broderick Jones of Georgia can make a similar claim and thus, claims the title of top left tackle on my board. Ohio State’s Paris Johnson Jr. looked very good on tape as well. Syracuse’s Matthew Bergeron isn’t getting the same level of attention, but has a high ceiling.

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