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2023 NFL Season Predictions

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North: Cincinnati Bengals

East: Buffalo Bills

South: Jacksonville Jaguars

West: Kansas City Chiefs

Wild cards: Los Angeles Chargers, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens

The Bengals have the second-best quarterback in the world and weapons all over the place for him. The new look Jets will make the Bills earn it, but the Bills are still the more complete team and they take the division. Jacksonville is the only team I would bet on having a winning season. The Chargers replacing Joe Lombardi with Kellen Moore will help a good deal. There may be some value in a Justin Herbert MVP play. But the Chiefs are still the class of the division.


North: Minnesota Vikins

East: Philadelphia Eagles

South: New Orleans Saints

West: San Francisco 49ers

Wild cards: New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Commanders

This conference stinks. Two of the divisions could realistically be won with a losing record. San Francisco runs away with the West unless Geno can do it again, as the Rams are still rebuilding and the Cardinals will be the team to beat in the Caleb Williams sweepstakes. The Vikings and Saints are the only teams in their divisions that know for sure what they have at QB. The NFC East went from the NFC Least to the NFC Beast. Your author believes in Brian Daboll.and Sam Howell. Your author does not believe in Dallas, but their roster is good enough to carry them into the playoffs.



Wild Card:

2 Chiefs defeat 7 Ravens

3 Bills defeat 6 Jets

5 Chargers defeat 4 Jaguars


1 Bengals defeat 5 Chargers

2 Chiefs defeat 3 Bills


1 Bengals defeat 2 Chiefs


Wild Card:

2 Eagles defeat 7 Commanders

3 Vikings defeat 6 Cowboys

5 Giants defeat 4 Saints


1 49ers defeat 5 Giants

2 Eagles defeat 3 Vikings


2 Eagles defeat 1 49ers

Super Bowl LVIII:

Bengals defeat Eagles

MVP: Joe Burrow

OPOY: Joe Burrow

DPOY: Nick Bosa

OROY: Jordan Addison

DROY: Will Anderson

COY: Kyle Shanahan

Futures plays 

(lines from FanDuel)

CIN to win division +150

OPOY Joe Burrow +3000

DPOY Nick Bosa +1200

ATL u8.5 wins +106

CIN o11.5 wins +118

IND u6.5 wins -104

LAC o9.5 wins -128

PHI o11.5 wins +104

WAS o6.5 wins +100

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