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Mayweather vs. McGregor Reflections


It was better than I thought it was going to be.

Now, that’s a really low bar to clear, but they cleared it. Floyd let McGregor tire himself out then went for the kill. It was one more chance to see why Floyd Mayweather has a legitimate claim to a spot on the Mount Rushmore of boxing. The strategy was brilliant and perfectly executed, even if Floyd showed his age a bit.

McGregor looked better than I thought he was going to, but that’s another really low bar to clear and he didn’t even clear it by that much. His punches looked kind of sloppy and his footwork and angles were awful. Could he be a good boxer if he wanted to? Yeah, he could. His punches didn’t look as strong as people thought they would, the 8-oz. gloves nerfing him more than expected. And with that being the case, one has to wonder what he’d look like in 10-oz. gloves. McGregor’s young enough that if he wants to make the jump, he can, but he would need a ton of work to hang with any of the sport’s top fighters. The way the fight went down is giving people the impression that McGregor’s far better than he actually is – Floyd knew that if he could get McGregor to tire himself out, he would definitely win, so that’s what he did. If Floyd had gone straight at him from the start, it would have been a much shorter night. Someone like GGG or Canelo (whose fight you should absolutely watch on September 16) probably would have done that and dropped McGregor in the first couple of rounds. The MMA fans trying to rationalize McGregor’s loss by saying “he went 10 rounds” just sound silly. If you understand the sweet science and you understand Floyd Mayweather, you know that this was Floyd’s plan from the start. Floyd did take McGregor seriously and treat him like a serious opponent in the ring, so there’s that, but that’s yet another low bar to clear.

I still hate that this was the way Floyd got to 50-0, but at the very least, he goes out with a great example of what made him so great. Thanks, Floyd.


P.S. The Simpsons really does predict everything.


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