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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Results

The “Road to Wrestlemania” just got a little bit bumpier. Hello, everyone and welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada and, welcome to “WWE Elimination Chamber”! Tonight, there will be two Elimination Chamber Matches. For the first time ever, there will be seven men in one Elimination Chamber and, also for the first time, there will be a Women’s Elimination Chamber Match! The winner of the Men’s Chamber match will go on to Wrestlemania and face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, while the winner of the Women’s  Chamber match will become the Raw Women’s Champion and go on to defend her title at Wrestlemania against Asuka. Speaking of Asuka, she will be in a match against Nia Jax and if Nia wins, that title match at Wrestlemania will become a Triple Threat Match! Also, the Raw Tag Team Championships are on the line as The Bar defends against Titus Worldwide! Without further ado, let us get to the action!

  1. The Miztourage (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel) vs. The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson!
  2. Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks (Eliminated by Alexa Bliss) vs. Mickie James (Eliminated by Bayley) vs. Mandy Rose (Eliminated by Sasha Banks) vs. Sonya Deville (Eliminated by Mickie James) vs Bayley (Eliminated by Alexa Bliss) : Women’s Elimination Chamber for the Raw Women’s Championship! Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss!
  3. Titus Worldwide (Titus O’Neil and Apollo ( w/ Dana Brooke)) vs. The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro): Raw Tag Team Championship. Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions: The Bar!
  4. Nia Jax vs. Asuka (If Nia wins, Nia is added to the championship match at Wrestlemania!) : Winner: Asuka!
  5. “Woken” Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt. Winner: “Woken” Matt Hardy!
  6. Elias (Eliminated by Braun Strowman) vs.  Braun Strowman (Eliminated by Roman Reigns) vs. John Cena (Eliminated by Braun Strowman) vs. Roman Reigns vs. The Miz (Eliminated by Braun Strowman) vs. Seth Rollins (Eliminated by Braun Strowman) vs. Finn Balor (Eliminated by Bruan Strowman). Men’s Elimination Chamber Match. Winner: Roman Reigns!

Wow! What more can I say? Tonight was soo much better than the Royal Rumble. The only thing I didn’t like was that Braun Strowman lost the Elimination Chamber Match. I’m not sure how I feel about Alexa Bliss retaining, I think I would’ve liked to see a new champion. But, that’s just my opinion. For these Raw Superstars the path to “Wrestlemania” is ahead. The bit with Ronda Rousey, Triple H, Stephanie and Kurt Angle was interesting. One can almost tell right away something was up, and it was confirmed a bit later. I think a tag match at “Wrestlemania” is in the works.  I wonder if the other matches from “Raw” will be changed or what will be added to the card.

Next up on the block, on the “Road to Wrestlemania” is in two weeks, March 11th, in Columbus, Ohio.  Where the Smackdown Superstars will compete in their final PPV before the “Big One”.  The main even there is a Fatal-Five Way Match for the WWE Championship. The winner there, goes on to “Wrestlemania” and faces Shinsuke Nakamura! See you all in two weeks!

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