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What’s Going On Is Better Than You…And You Know It

Missed opportunities. Remember when Qwan tried to get on Tough Enough?

There was a whole “Road To Tough Enough” video series and some blonde-banged punk kid made fun of his name. Good times. Anyway, here’s somebody else WWE didn’t take.


GarPax out? The Bulls are looking for a new Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations. Pacers GM Chad Buchanan already said he’s staying in Indiana. Whether he was ever actually offered the job or would have been offered the job, I don’t know. The current word is that Nuggets GM Artūras Karnišovas is the top candidate, so Buchanan pulling out may have been a Michael Scott withdrawal, presumably without the psycho girlfriend, but I suppose anything’s possible here on As the Bulls Turn. Current EVP John Paxson has expressed a willingness to take any role within the organization, large or small, or even leave the organization altogether. He’s expected to take on some sort of advisory role, Special Assistant in Charge of Something or Other, though that role includes no say in basketball operations, so he’ll be there for…decoration, I guess? Gar Forman is almost certainly out the door. Better late then never, I suppose. Also likely out the door: Head Coach Jim Boylen. Boylen is well-liked by president Michael Reinsdorf for some reason, but if you’re serious about bringing in a new front office, you have to expect a coaching change, particularly when the current coach a) is a dope, b) is going nowhere fast, c) has clearly lost the locker room, and d) was never anything but a stooge for ownership and/or the front office in the first place. If you have a better explanation for why he’s held onto the job after being retained after Fred Hoiberg’s firing and then doing a worse job than Hoiberg (see points a, b, and c above), I’d like to hear it. As far as Karnisovas (who better get the job after I learned how to spell his name) is concerned, he’s interviewed with both Jerry and Michael Reinsdorf, so it’s pretty serious. BlogABull has a post up about Karnisovas and his history as an executive. He joined the Nuggets front office in 2013 as assistant GM and was promoted to GM a week before the 2017 draft. His role in the building of a strong team in Denver is impressive; however, he’s never been in charge of hiring a head coach, much less a GM and his drafts the three years he was the GM in Denver are pretty meh. In 2017, he traded down from 13 to 24 to acquire Trey Lyles. At 24, he took Tyler Lydon. In 2018, he took Michael Porter, Jr. on whom the jury is still out. He traded his 2019 1st-round pick to Brooklyn in a trade for Isaiah Whitehead. That said, three years isn’t a huge sample size. At the very least, he would be an improvement over what’s there now.


Mean Tweets: NFL edition. The Rams unveiled a new logo. It sucked and was dragged appropriately on Twitter. Rams COO Kevin Demoff promised to read mean tweets about the logo on camera if the fans raised over $2 million for charity during their local ABC telethon. They raised $2.3 million and Demoff lived up to his word:


Other new looks. The Buccaneers and Falcons both unveiled new uniforms. The Bucs mostly just reverted to the uniforms they wore prior to their stint as the Fighting Alarm Clocks.

Tampa added a pewter jersey and the pewter pants worn with that jersey in the tweet above have different striping from the other two pairs of pants, so unless they unveil a second pair of white pants at some point, I’m assuming that’s just going to be a pewter-on-pewter look. The pewter jersey is the only major change from the 1997-2013 look. The name on the back of the white jersey is now black, whereas from ’97-’13, it was red. The team’s word mark is also different and the logo is still ridiculously large. Not quite as ridiculously large as it was the last five years, but still pretty ridiculously large. Other than that, they just went back to their previous look. In doing so, they went from the league’s worst uniforms to one of the five best.

The Falcons on the other hand…


Do the kids still say “What are those?” The Falcons’ throwback look would be in my top 5 if they just went back to that, but instead they went with…whatever this is supposed to be. Both the “ATL” above the numbers and the numbers themselves are too big and the font sucks on the numbers. The gradient on the red jerseys looks like something straight out of a minor indoor league (no offense, Qwan). Just all-around terrible.

Open off. The Open Championship is off for 2020. The 149th Open Championship will still take place at Royal St. George’s, just now in 2021. The 150th will still take place at St. Andrews, but now in 2022.

Draft on. The NFL Draft will still take place as scheduled, but with everyone at home. Teams will not be allowed to gather at team headquarters or at any one executive’s home. This could get interesting.

Here it is, your moment of zen.


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