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What’s Going On Is a Booty, Leg, and Hip Man

Stephen A. Smith on relationships

In 2007, Stephen A. Smith was on a couple of Michael Baisden’s shows and talked about relationships. This particular video was making the rounds on Twitter:

A couple takeaways:

  1. I guess he talks like that all the time.
  2. This sounds like any one of the ridiculous relationship arguments that go on on Twitter (for which you really ought to have your official arguing gear by the way). This video in particular covers a topic that gets discussed on there at least once a week.

There’s more on Michael Baisden’s YouTube channel.

Lonzo Ball on his dad

Yesterday was Son MoJizel Day Father’s Day and Foot Locker put out a video for the occasion where NBA prospects talk about what their dads mean to them and have done for them:

Between this and LaVar’s appearance on The Herd, I’m all in on the Ball Family now.

(I’m still not paying $500 for the ZO 2s, though.)

(Also, I kind of want the Lakers to pass on Lonzo and I want a live camera on LaVar as they do that.)


Me on the NHL salary cap

The NHL salary cap for the 2017-18 season will be $75 million, up from $73 million his past season. The salary floor will be $55.4 million, and you’ll be shocked to hear this, but Arizona’s going to need some help to get there. The NHL has the most restrictive cap of the four major sports leagues, so the league can prop up teams like said Coyotes, who last year, traded for the contract of Pavel Datsyuk, who was playing in the KHL, to get to the salary floor and still lost money. It’s hard to see a scenario where there’s not another lockout in 2022. The Canadian TV deal wasn’t what people were expecting since the Canadian dollar was down. The U.S. one expires after the 2020-21 season, the year before the CBA expires, and it remains to be seen what effect cord-cutting will have on it. League expansion should help league revenues, a bit, but of course, this expansion team has “will bleed money” written all over it. For the sake of the league, I hope I’m wrong.

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