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What’s Going On Takes Call From Inmate

He called collect

On a recent episode of “The Herd,” guest host Jason Whitlock took a call from a man named James in Kansas City. Hilarity ensued.

A lot to unpack here:

  1. FS1 really took a collect call from an inmate. #journalism
  2. Seriously, Kristine: stay in yo lane. Everybody but her understood what was going on and where this guy was calling from, except her. So, congrats, Kristine, you’re slower than Jason Whitlock.
  3. Do they really have “The Herd” playing in jail? I mean, it seems like a great way to reduce recidivism, but it could be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
  4. Whenever James from Kansas City gets out, there’s an opening for him here.

Strike out?

Richard Sherman said NFL players need to be willing to strike to get huge contracts like NBA players are getting and the NFLPA endorsed that statement on Twitter. Former offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz said that’s unlikely.

As Schwartz would go on to point out, you’re talking about 2,000 guys, many of whom are not multi-millionaires. Given that, a strike would be awfully hard to pull off. Schwartz’s tweet elicited responses from fans concerned about how high ticket prices will go, as though said ticket prices won’t go up regardless. This is football Reaganomics and makes as much sense as regular Reaganomics; even if player salaries don’t go up, the owners are not going to pass that on to the fans.

Also, he’s a ninja

Monday night on Raw, it was revealed that Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son. The Internet moved quickly.

It’s a ridiculous angle (no pun intended) from a company full of them and comes as New Japan starts their annual G1 tournament, featuring big matches from some of the best wrestlers in the world over the course of the better part of a month. Said company also just put on two amazing shows in Long Beach, during which they outlined plans for an American expansion, including building a training center in Los Angeles. I’m not saying they’ll ever be as big as WWE, but it may force WWE to start trying again, which would be nice.

Now for a “cool story, bro” moment: Jordan (real name Nate Everhart) wrestled at Indiana, finishing his career the year before I got there. He spent the next year (my freshman year) there finishing his degree and once visited my exercise science class. One of my classmates in said class: Victor Oladipo. This has been “Cool Story, Bro.”

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