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What’s Going On Gets Fired on Its Day Off

Fun times in Cleveland again. John Beilein is out as head coach of the Cavaliers after less than one season. Shams Charania joined the guys from Pardon My Take to break down the situaton:

Cleveland hiring Beilein was a completely stupid move from both sides and was doomed from the start. The move seemed to serve no purpose other than Michigan State alum Dan Gilbert trying to screw with Michigan, but even that hasn’t paid off for Gilbert, as Juwan Howard is on the verge of landing the best recruiting class at Michigan since the one he was a part of. John Beilein is a college coach. His leadership style simply doesn’t fly in the NBA. He wasn’t going to last past this season even before the thug/slug thing, but once that happened, the days were numbered. I don’t believe that Beilein meant to say “thugs,” that’s not his m.o. Regardless, there was no coming back from it. Why Beilein took the job in the first place, I have no idea. I can understand being frustrated with certain aspects of coaching college basketball like the shady recruiting stuff and roster uncertainty with players leaving early, but Beilein didn’t have anything to do with the former, to the extent that I began calling him Ned Flanders the basketball coach, and as far as the latter is concerned, having to replace Jordan Poole and Ignas Brazdeikas seems preferable to working for a dumpster fire of an organization where the players were going to tune you out even if the organization wasn’t trash nor aflame.

Hockey in Urbana-Champaign. For real this time. Probably. The University of Illinois appears poised to add a Division-I hockey program.

Illinois has been close to adding a hockey program for a few years now. The arena still isn’t funded, so there appears to be no real change from the last time it was reported that they were close. Illinois produces a good amount of talent, much of which currently heads to Wisconsin and Notre Dame, so being competitive relatively quickly is possible.

Frank calls Shaq’s fall. Frank Caliendo has another Madden and Summerall call for us.


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