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What’s Going On Goes Boo-loo-loo-loo-loo

I’m not sure I spelled that right. During the Super Bowl halftime show, Shakira became a meme.

Apparently, this is called a zaghrouta and it’s a shout of joy in Arab culture. This has been social studies with Professor Kevin.

The halftime show was tremendously well-received by everybody except the Marcia and Marshall Langman fan club and the segment of Twitter that enjoys being racist more than watching attractive women waggle their posteriors. Some folks called it the best halftime show ever, which from a visual standpoint, is a totally valid claim. From a musical standpoint, the title of GOAT remains a toss up between the time Prince gathered us in Miami to get through this thing called life

and The Who’s performance three years later.

Your author gives the nod to the lads from London, but both were excellent performances put on by guys that are just cool.

History in the making. Frank Clark during the lead-up to Super Bowl LIV:

MAGA Twitter was joyous, believing that Clark was one of them, because that crowd doesn’t understand sarcasm.

Frankly hysterical. Frank Caliendo broke out his Pat Summerall and John Madden impressions to commentate a couple viral moments from the Chiefs’ victory parade.

Putting the “NY” in “dysfunctional.” 90 Percent Mets with a bracket of the most bizarre Mets stories of his lifetime:

I have no idea how Wilmer Flores getting traded to Milwaukee, the news of the trade breaking during a game, fans giving Flores an ovation thinking he’s headed out, and then the Mets backing out of the trade after being concerned about Carlos Gomez’s physical didn’t make the tourney.

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