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What’s Going On Is Worthy of Mjolnir

The Lions should be calling any day now. (Photo credit: Disney/Marvel)

If a hammer was legal on a football field, I’m pretty sure Ndamukong Suh would have tried that by now. Dan Campbell being Dan Campbell:

Oh, cool. This again. TSN commentator Gord Miller in response to a fan asking if he’d ever appear on Barstool’s Spittin’ Chiclets hockey podcast:

Miller says he likes the Chiclets guys, but then proceeded to bash the entire site in a series of “Hey, look at me” tweets. Like 90% of the problems people have with Barstool can be traced to either Dave Portnoy or Kevin Clancy, but if your stance is to avoid the entire operation, that’s fine, so long a you’re extra careful about anybody you associate with, lest you look like a giant hypocrite. That’s the Julie DiCaro rule, named in dishonor of the talentless jabroni who takes issue with anyone who would dare to have anything to do with Barstool, but had no problem accepting a paycheck from a radio station that continues to employ Dan Bernstein, until she was let go during the pandemic. Gord has already broken this rule by working for NBC, who covered up Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct.

The Gord v. Portnoy dispute played out pretty much the same way the rest of these do. The major takeaways were Gord’s inability to recognize a joke and that he has someone who goes through his Twitter mentions for him, which is straight out of South Park:

Surely that’s the only fight taking place over there.

Oh, for Christ’s sake. Julie DiCaro wrote a book. One of Kirk Minihane’s sidekicks, named Justin, read it on the air. The whole thing. Julie’s mad. Deadspin called them “Barfstool.” Aren’t they clever. DiCaro got the YouTube video taken down and is considering legal action. Minihane is considering legal action of his own:

Justin may want to consider legal action, too, as I’m pretty sure that Minihane subjecting him to DiCaro’s blithering dreck constitutes an OSHA violation.

When he came back. Jack Silverstein with a thread on the lead-up to the greatest press release of all time.

Here comes the money. The NFL has their new TV deal in place. Full story at AP. The big items:

  • $113 billion over 11 years
  • Amazon gets all Thursday night games
  • ABC is back in the Super Bowl rotation
  • ESPN+ will air one of the London games
  • Peacock gets one exclusive game per year for the first six years
  • Nothing about Sunday Ticket yet.

Who do you think you are? He was. Pete Weber is retiring from the PBA National Tour. The PBA’s YouTube channel aired his last frame on the Tour.

Weber will still bowl on the PBA50 and PBA60 tours. No word about the PBA League yet, but I would bet we see him out there, too. Weber’s one of the Tour’s all-time great bowlers and easily its greatest showman, with his fiery attitude, trademark sunglasses, and crotch chops after strikes. Your author was fortunate enough to get to see PDW bowl live in 2016 and it was an absolute blast.

Here it is, your moment of zen.


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